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10 Signs You’re Shamelessly Humblebragging on Facebook

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This week, a really talented high school acquaintance of mine won a reality TV series. She deserved it and my whole hometown is crazy proud. The downside, however, is the namedropping explosion on my Facebook newsfeed about how everyone who only spoke two sentences to her in their life is now her best friend, has been on the edge of their seat weeping with glee because they are so invested in her success, and always knew she’d be a star from the moment they met her at age five. Cool story, guys.

Name-dropping on social media is something we’re all guilty of to some extent. I’ll be the first to admit I’ve done it. I mean, Facebook practically invented the modern-day humblebrag, didn’t it? Most of us can’t help ourselves on some level. It’s in our nature. But some people just know no boundaries when it comes to how far they will go to seem like the Most Important Person You Know.

There is a time and place for name-dropping and humblebragging (Thanksgiving dinner with your parents’ judgmental friends, maybe?), and Facebook is not it. But of course, it’s the go-to place for social climbers and attention seekers alike to share their competitive streaks with the world. Behold, 10 types of Facebook statuses used by name-droppers. If you recognize yourself in these, it’s time to reassess your social media behavior. Keep reading »

Soapbox: Celebrate Your Dang Anniversary In Person—Not On Facebook!

If you wish your spouse a happy anniversary in the privacy of your own home, does it count? Apparently not. I’ve noticed an influx of wedding anniversary, humblebrag updates on Facebook lately. Here are a few favorite examples posted in the last month*:

“Five years ago this very day, I married the man I love. We danced to “L-O-V-E” as sung by Natalie Cole. Today, our anniversary, we plan to keep that dance going. Dearest Kevin, I do!”

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