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The Ryan Gosling Look Book

Hey girl, I heard you liked the idea of zooming in on a carefully curated selection of my best and worst outfits, so have at it. Yep, here’s a look book filled with Gosling’s universally appealing smile, eyes, abs dressed-down sense of style, featuring plenty of scarves, Darfur T-shirts, a grungy phase, the smoking jackets, and, well, the less said about 2007′s beard the better. A warning to folks still not quite over the fact that Ryan and Rachel McAdams’s real-life romance didn’t play out quite like “The Notebook,” the below gallery will make you plenty wistful. For everyone else, know that we thought of just writing the word hot, and leaving it at that.  Click on to see the Ryan Gosling look book…

Eek! Young Ryan Gosling On Canadian TV!

Sit On Ryan's Face
This chair is only $950, ladies (and gay men). Read More »
I Met Ryan Twice!
This chick has met Ryan Gosling not once but twice. Not fair, universe. Read More »
Ryan Gosling Sings
Watch a tween Gosling sing and dance in a Mormon talent show. Watch »
Awesome Denim Shirt, Bro!

Sooo much to love about this recently unearthed interview with a wee Ryan Gosling on Canadian TV just after he was signed to the “Mickey Mouse Club.” For starters, he has a Canadian accent! I recently heard a rumor that Ryan still has a Canadian accent, but that he hides it in interviews and in movies. What’s that aboot? He sounds so cute when he says, “They call me moooooose boy!” Anyway, is it just me or is the Gos totally flirting with the camera even back then? And I love the little clips of his various dance moves! And singing “Achy Breaky Heart”! Ack! Dying! Such an adorable cute little nerd. We would have so dated in junior high. [Huffington Post]

Hump Day Hottie: The San Francisco Giants’ Ángel Pagán

Hottie: Taylor Kinney
The "Chicago Fire" heartthrob --and Lady Gaga's BF -- makes us hot. Read More »

With the cold winter months approaching, it’s time to heat things up. Our new newsletter, Hump Day Hotties, will bring our favorite eye candy directly into your inbox every Wednesday. (Subscribe here!) Feel free to drool. We won’t judge.

Once upon a time, when I was but a tween on the cusp of puberty, I was really, really into baseball. And my favorite player was the San Diego Padres’ right fielder Tony Gwynn. While I mostly felt admiration for his incredible skill in both fielding and hitting, I also had a small crush on the strapping 300 lb. Gwynn, and the life-size poster that adorned my wall (alongside Teen Beat tearsheets of younger heartthrobs) proved as much. If I was still into baseball and still gave precious wall space to life-size posters of athletes, Ángel Pagán would be the man whose two-dimensional stare would follow me around the room as I undressed. The handsome San Francisco Giants’ outfielder plays in tonight’s first World Series game against the Detroit Tigers. When I asked my Giants’ loving friends who was the handsomest man with a bat in the Bay Area, Puerto Rican-born Pagán got the most love — and I’m sure you can see why. And did I mention that he led the National League in triples? Mmm, round those bases, Ángel! I may not be an avid baseball fan these days, but as a born and bred California girl and a lover of handsome bearded men, this Hump Day Hottie post is dedicated to Ángel Pagán and the entire Giants team. Get it, Orange and Black!

Hump Day Hottie: Sam Palladio From “Nashville”

With the cold winter months approaching, it’s time to heat things up. Our new newsletter, Hump Day Hotties, will bring our favorite eye candy directly into your inbox every Wednesday. (Subscribe here!) Feel free to drool. We won’t judge.

Oh, hello there, handsome. Playing a little love song on that gui-tar, are ya? Is it about me? Guess not. Sigh.

Meet Sam Palladio, your new country ballad-singin’ crush. Actually, he just plays a country ballad singer on TV, as Gunnar Scott on our new favorite show “Nashville.” But get this — the actor, who previously appeared on “Episodes,” is actually British. That panty-droppin’ country twang is actually fake. What isn’t fake is his ability to sing a tune. In the series premiere of “Nashville,” Sam played the guitar and sang (along with Claire Bowen) the Civil Wars’ gorgeous song “If I Didn’t Know Better.” Watch it after the jump — and then click through a few more photos of the dashing and dreamy Sam above! Keep reading »

Name The Celeb Sporting White Boy Dreads!

Do you recognize that dreadlocked white boy? It’s Brad Pitt, looking nearly unrecognizable in a photoshoot for Interview. Brad donned a blonde, dreadlocked wig for the shoot, and also got into character as, like, a pompadour-sporting gangster, a dude with an eye patch, a thin-mustachioed dandy, and a vaguely Billy Ray Cyrus-esque character that may actually just be Brad in his normal daywear. I’m pretty confused by the whole thing, but I also kind of like it. Really glad he doesn’t usually have dreads though. Not cute. Check out his interview with director Guy Ritchie at the link! [Interview]

Brad & Angie Engaged
84th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals
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Angelina's "Brad" Tattoo
Her inner thigh tattoo is for him -- but what does it say? Read More »

Hump Day Hottie: Taylor Kinney From “Chicago Fire”

Hottest Olympians
The 22 hottest Olympic athletes from around the world. Read More »

With the cold winter months approaching, it’s time to heat things up. Our new newsletter, Hump Day Hotties, will bring our favorite eye candy directly into your inbox every Wednesday. (Subscribe here!) Feel free to drool. We won’t judge. First up…

Because I DVR everything, I normally fast-forward through commercials, but for the last month or so, I’ve been frantically pressing “Play! Play!” every time I start to zip through the commercial for “Chicago Fire,” an upcoming drama on NBC about, like, a group of firefighters doing what firefighters do, which is fighting fires and looking sexy whilst doing it. One guy in particular made me salivate … his slightly salt and pepper hair, clear blue eyes, tan skin … who the hell is he?!

Imagine my surprise to discover that his name is Taylor Kinney and he is Lady Gaga’s boyfriend. He even appeared in her video for “You and I.” Get it, girl. Taylor plays Lieutenant Kelly Severide on the show, which premieres October 10, and while I don’t know that it’ll be any good, I don’t really care. That’s what the mute button is for.

Prost! 18 Handsome Reasons To Celebrate Oktoberfest

With Oktoberfest officially under way, it’s time to enjoy your favorite German brews — and swoon over some of the hottest German men in the spotlight. From sexy actors and gorgeous models to hot, talented Olympians, we’ve rounded up the best-looking reasons to celebrate German culture this month. Craving a bit of eye candy? Take a moment to check out these handsome German men — prost (cheers)! Read more…

Dead Sexy: 18 Dead Historical Figures We’d Totally Bang

Recently, I have come to terms with the fact that I am probably never going to bang my Fantasy Boyfriend Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I mean, let’s get real: having a crush on a rock star or actor is about as useful as having a crush on a dead guy. Which hello, we have those, too. And despite the fact that most of these dudes are long gone, we still hold a secret candle for them.

12 Celebs Who Never Seem To Age (Or Are Actively Aging In Reverse)

Watching the Emmys this weekend, I was totally blown away by how amazing Julianna Margulies looked. “She hasn’t aged a day in 10 years!” I gasped, and then I saw Edie Falco, and thought the same thing, and then Nicole Kidman showed up, and I realized a photo slideshow was in order. Click through to check out side-by-side pics of 12 celebs who, through the magic of sunscreen or Botox or the blood of virgins, look exactly the same (or younger!) as they did a decade ago…

What's Your Inner Age?
Forgot how old you are -- how old do you FEEL? Read More »

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Gets Behind The Wheel In Flaunt Magazine

Julie is in Morocco this week, which means I’m covering the Aaron Paul, cute animal, London Fashion Week and Joseph Gordon-Levitt beats in her absence. So. Difficult. Speaking of JGL, here he is looking ridiculously hot in Flaunt magazine. I still don’t think he’s the “new Ryan Gosling,” as Glamour suggested, but I wouldn’t kick him out of bed for eating crackers, that’s for sure.

JGL Does R. Kelly
Worlds be colliding! Read More »
JGL Clarifies
JGL clarifies his "pretty girls are rarely funny" comment, as well he should! Read More »
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