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“Star Trek” Fan Spends $30K On Renovating Her Basement To Look Like The Bridge Of The Enterprise

I’ve been a “Star Trek” fan since I was a little girl, when I started watching the show (first “The Original Series,” then “The Next Generation”) with my dad. Even when the TV was off, “Trek” stoked my imagination. One of the fondest memories I have of my dad (who died in November 2012) was listening to his “Star Trek”-inspired bedtime stories, starring Yeoman Amelia and the rest of the crew of the Enterprise. Much of the action took place on the bridge, and ever since, part of me has always looked upon that space and thought, I want to go to there. 

And I could, if Quebec resident Line Rainville would invite me over to hang out in her “Star Trek” basement. Rainville spent $30K renovating her basement to look like the Enterprise, complete with its own bathroom (with a sweet insignia mosaic in the shower!), comfy captain’s chairs, and a (stuffed) pet Tribble. Click through to see just how detailed Rainville was with her renovations. [Metro UK]

For Just $82,000 You Can Live In A Missoni Condo

Missoni For Target
Check out the Missoni for Target pillows, dishes and bike! Read More »
IKEA House
Now you can live in a scene from 500 Days of Summer. Read More »

You’ve got designer jeans, a designer bag, designer shoes, designer sunglasses–a designer condo seems like the next logical step, right? Luckily this dream can become reality if you’ve got $82,000 to spend and would like to relocate to the Philippines. That’s where a Missoni-designed condominium tower is set to open in 2015. So far 25 percent of the units are sold, and while the lobby, pool, and gym will all sport the signature Missoni stripes, apparently you’ll have to pay extra if you want them in your own condo. A Versace-designed building in the same neighborhood is close to 80 percent sold, but if you’d like to save a few thousand bucks and stay stateside, maybe a prefabricated IKEA house is more your speed? [NY Times Magazine via The Cut]

Scott Disick Says Kourtney Kardashian’s Design Sense Is “Out Of ‘Beetlejuice’”

“Our house looks like it’s out of ‘Beetlejuice.’ It’s not so much the outdoors, but the indoors, with the crazy table and all the colors. She’s got some new room with checkered carpeting, checkered benches, checkered coffee tables. There are like 90 different patterns in one. It’s kind of creepy.”

Scott Disick reveals what he really thinks about how his baby mama, Kourtney Kardashian, has decorated their new home in Los Angeles. I dunno—this sounds pretty darn cool to me. And not to play pop culture reference police, but ‘Beetlejuice’ would usually refer to black-and-white patterns, not colors. Just sayin’. [People] Keep reading »

A Victorian Cottage Creates A Retreat From Married Life

We’ve talked a little before about the idea of married couples maintaining a happy marriage by living separately — either part-time or full-time — but until I read this article in The New York Times, I hadn’t really seen an example of it done in a way I envy. Sandra Foster and her husband Todd live in the Catskills in upstate New York. Together, they share a 1971 trailer known as the “Groove Tube,” and 14 acres of land. On that land, each has a personal retreat — Todd, a “man cave,” which is “a truck-size shed covered by an enormous tarp, [...] furnished with a big-screen TV, lots of videotapes, cooking equipment and two lamp-warmed cages for the chicks and pheasants [he raises],” and Sandra, a former hunting cabin that she painstakingly renovated into a charming shabby chic Victorian cottage (check out ALL the gorgeous pictures here). Keep reading »

Design Porn: Look Inside YSL’s Country Estate!

Yes, that’s a shot of the late Yves Saint Laurent‘s former “country home.” But really, would you expect anything less from one of the most luxe fashion designers of all time? The mansion in Deauville, France, is dripping with extravagance, and now you can get a look inside and even own a piece of it — Christie’s is auctioning off the wares inside. Granted, you have to be pretty wealthy to take part (sigh, as always).

But the eclectic collection of furniture and decorative accents makes for entertaining viewing pleasure. Feast your eyes on an elk chandelier, Grecian urns, and tons of Rococo furniture. Our favorite item, however, has to be a collection of porcelain bulldogs. So random! (Yet weirdly chic as well.) Some more pics after the jump! [Paris By Appointment Only] Keep reading »

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