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Sunday Night Boob Tube Bonanza: How Will “Dexter” & “Homeland” End?

Last Week's Episodes!
"Dexter," "Homeland," and "Walking Dead" recaps for 12/2/12. Read More »
...on "Dexter," "Homeland," and "The Walking Dead." (11/25/12) Read More »
Dexter gets laid! Read More »

Sadly, this week’s recap post is less of a bonanza than usual, because “The Walking Dead” is on mid-season hiatus until February, which means I’m only recapping “Homeland” and “Dexter.” It’s a Sunday Night Boob Tube Shindig, I suppose. And then next week, the season finales of “Dexter” and “Homeland” air, which means when “The Walking Dead” comes back, I’ll be recapping it solo. Womp womp. When does “Breaking Bad” come back again? Keep reading »

Sunday Night Boob Tube Bonanza: “Dexter”‘s New Daddy Issues, An Epic Face-Off On “The Walking Dead” & A Heart-Stopping “Homeland”

Last weeks' recaps for "Dexter," "Homeland," and "The Walking Dead." Read More »

Thanks to last night’s episodes of “The Walking Dead” and “Homeland,” my anxiety levels are way above already above-normal leves. Seriously, the majority of the recaps for each show could be summarized as simply “OMG!!!!!” However, I shall put aside my excitement and delve deeper into both these episodes, as well as last night’s ho-hum “Dexter,” after the jump! Keep reading »

Sunday Night Boob Tube Bonanza: A Whole Lot Of Ass-Kicking On “The Walking Dead” And “Dexter,” Plus Agent Cheekbones Is Up To Something On “Homeland”

Apologies for not recapping last Monday. I was a little off my game and then our TV-clipping service was down so I couldn’t make clips and recaps are so much more funnn with clips, but yeah, I get it, I am a failure. So, before we get into this week’s episodes, a brief rundown of last week’s episodes of “The Walking Dead,” “Dexter,” and “Homeland,” in haiku form.

“The Walking Dead.” Andrea and the Gov-nah/lovin’ each otha/Carol’s back, let’s greet Michonne!

“Dexter.” Deb blabbed her incest-y crush/Dex prefers Hannah/Isaac still wants his revenge.

“Homeland.” Brody couldn’t deal anymore/Carrie fucked some sense back/Chopper trip to see Nazir!

Got it? Okay great, now let’s move on to last night’s episodes, which I watched before a double-viewing of ”Liz & Dick” because I am loyal like that. Keep reading »

Hump Day Hottie: Rupert Friend From “Homeland”

Hottie: Jon Bernthal
He may be walking dead, but he's alive in our hearts! Read More »
Hottie: Cory Booker
The Newark, NJ mayor is politics' version of Ryan Gosling. Read More »
Hottie: Angel Pagan
We've got a giant crush on outfielder Angel Pagan. Read More »

With the cold winter months approaching, it’s time to heat things up. Our new newsletter, Hump Day Hotties, will bring our favorite eye candy directly into your inbox every Wednesday. (Subscribe here!) Feel free to drool. We won’t judge.

Fans of Showtime’s critically acclaimed drama “Homeland” know that the CIA-centric show can be counted on for edge-of-your-seat suspense and a wide variety of incredibly maleable Claire Danes facial expressions. For those of you have yet to start watching this incredible show, which is in its second season, allow me to present a third reason to watch: actor Rupert Friend, who plays CIA analyst Peter Quinn, or as I like to call him in the “Homeland” fan fic I am writing in my mind, “Agent Cheekbones.”

After the jump, some quick little factoids about Rupert… Keep reading »

Sunday Night Boob Tube Bonanza: Brody Has Regrets & Dexter Has A Lady Problem

Last Week's Episodes!
Dexter gets laid! Read More »
Recaps for episodes that aired 10/28/12. Read More »
Brody's being watched on "Homeland." Read More »

Sorry, a day late on the “Dexter” and “Homeland” recaps — but I have a surprise! First of all, I’m so over “Revenge.” I have a new Sunday TV love and it’s called “The Walking Dead.” I have devoted every waking, non-working moment to catching up on the series and with just five episodes to go, I’ll be adding the show to my recapping roster starting next week. But for now, Sunday night’s episodes of “Dexter” and “Homeland”… Keep reading »

Anne Hathaway Nails Claire Danes Cry-Face In “Homeland” Spoof On “SNL”

Cry Face Supercut
Claire Danes knows how to shed tears. Read More »
"Homeland" Recaps
Spoilers abound! Read More »
"She's having another one of her jazz freakouts."

There goes the chin! Anne Hathaway’s impersonation of Claire Danes as bipolar CIA agent Carrie Mathison from “Homeland” was incredibly spot-on and ridiculously funny. But I gotta say, Bill Hader’s Saul (played on the show by Mandy Patinkin) is so good, it’s eerie. Watch the sketch above! JAZZ FREAKOUT!

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