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“Homeland” Spoiler Alert: Carrie Will Still Ugly-Cry In Season 3

Anne Does Carrie
Anne Hathaway nails Carrie's cry face in this "SNL" parody. Read More »
"Homeland" Season 3 Teaser
"Homeland"'s Season 3 Trailer Presents More Questions Than Answers
More questions than answers! Read More »
"Homeland" Recaps
Spoilers abound! Read More »
carrie cries on homeland

You guys! Season three of “Homeland” is almost upon us. This new trailer for the season reminds us of where we left off — with Brody off hiding in the wilds of Canada — and gives us a glimpse into the lives of the rest of the characters. Plus, good news: Carrie is still doing that chin-quivering ugly-cry thing she does so well. Never change, Carrie.

Remember how at the end of last season somebody blew up the CIA and framed (or didn’t frame) Brody? Remember how Brody left his wife for a lost weekend in the woods with Carrie? Remember Saul? (Sorry Mandy Patankin, I totally forgot about Saul.) We have no idea what’ll happen this season, but we do know there’ll likely be some weird jazz interludes, explosions, and lots and lots of running. I can’t wait! [YouTube]

“Homeland”‘s Season 3 Teaser Presents More Questions Than Answers

"Homeland" Recaps
Spoilers abound! Read More »
"Homeland"'s Season 3 Trailer Presents More Questions Than Answers
What Does It All Mean?!

The second season of “Homeland” ended with quite a bang — literally. A car bomb went off at the Vice President’s wake, killing, like, loads of people, including the head of the CIA. And everyone thinks Brody (Damian Lewis) is to blame — except Carrie (Claire Danes), who believed Brody when he told her that he was framed. But was he? Brody’s motives are the biggest mystery on the show and it’s still unclear where his loyalties lie. Now he’s on the lam, and this teaser for the show’s third season — presented at the Television Critics Association press tour — is minimal on images, dialogue and information. But Entertainment Weekly gathered some quotes from the cast and producers, and here’s what we know: Brody is missing from the first few episodes of the third season, Saul and Carrie band together to get through the trauma of everything that’s happened (though I’m guessing Saul doesn’t know that Carrie aided Brody’s escape), and the Brody family will still be featured, even thought Dad’s ditched them. [EW]

Who Wore It Best: The White House Correspondents’ Dinner

The White House Correspondents’ Dinner was held this past Saturday. Traditionally meant to be a dinner held for members of the press covering the administration, of late, the annual dinner has morphed into a glamorous celeb-filled kind of thing. I mean, Lindsay Lohan and Kim Kardashian went last year, guys! But seriously, the Correspondents’ Dinner is the one time of year that politicos and the press corps mingle and imbibe in a no-stress, yelling-free environment.

We’ve grouped the evening’s attendees based on the colors they wore — navy, green and red were all strong contenders along with basic black and white. And we want to know: Who do you think wore it best? Start voting after the jump! Keep reading »

Obama's WHCD Speech
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WH Correspondents' Dinner
red carpet style white house correspondents dinner
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Obama Plays DDL
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The British Are Coming! 9 Brits Who’ve Invaded American TV Shows

"Homeland" Recaps
Spoilers abound! Read More »
Brody is BRITISH!

Does it shock you to know that pretty much everyone on the cast of “Homeland” is British? British people have long managed to trick hapless American audiences into believing they’re one of us. They can do our accents so well, it’s mindboggling. Most of the time, Americans totally blow when it comes to Brit accents (see also: Renee Zellweger in “Bridget Jones’ Diary.”)

Take this clip of “Homeland”‘s hot ginger Damien Lewis on the Jonathan Ross show. How much hotter is Nick Brody with a British accent? Also, did you know David Harewood who plays David Estes, and Rupert Friend, who plays Peter Quinn (aka Agent Cheekbones), are both also Brits? And that’s not all. Take a peek at some of the British actors who are on some of your fave TV shows and listen to them speak in their native tongue.

Keep reading »

Sunday Boob Tube Bonanza: Basically, I Just Kept Saying “Holy $%#&!” During The “Dexter” And “Homeland” Finales

OMG. Those three letters really sum up last night’s finales of “Dexter” and “Homeland,” but of course I have plenty more to say. Spoilers after the jump! Keep reading »

Mazel Tov! Mandy Patinkin Is America’s Jewish Dad

Baby Names For Adele
Some very dumb name suggestions for Adele's baby. Read More »
Baby Golden Girl
"Golden Girls" baby photo
It's a baby Sophia Petrillo! Read More »
"Homeland" Recaps
Spoilers abound! Read More »

Mandy Patinkin, who plays Saul Berenson on current Frisky obsession “Homeland,” was in the middle of an interview on “Good Day  New York” when anchor David Price was suddenly called away. Price had just received word that his wife was in labor, and was summoned immediately, and OH MY GAWD WAS MANDY PATINKIN EXCITED. Patinkin, who was the epitome of a verklempt Jewish dad, was so thrilled he didn’t even want to talk about “Homeland” anymore.  I would like Mandy Patinkin to be there when I submit my yearly income taxes. Or when I order pickles at the deli. His unbridled joy at other people’s accomplishments is heartwarming. [HyperVocal]

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