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Gilt Groupe Expands Home Selection

If you’ve outgrown thrift store couches and dollar store home decor but don’t want to pay full price for fancy furnishings, today’s your lucky day. Gilt Groupe, the wonderfully addictive shopping site, is expanding its Gilt Home offerings to 15 sales per week from more than 200 brands, including Cuisinart, Ligne Roset, and Missoni Home. Prices will be low — up to 70 percent off retail — but since everything, from furniture to art, is for sale, you’ll probably end up spending more than you would on a trip to Ikea. For those of us who don’t have room for another armchair, smaller accessories and gourmet food are for sale, too, and I can attest that this stuff makes for great gifts — my mom got a set of candles from Gilt for Mother’s Day. [Gilt Home] Keep reading »

Seeing Stripes In Jean Paul Gaultier’s House

Jean Paul Gaultier decorates an apartment in Paris with his signature nautical stripes. Dizzy yet? [00 o 00 Blog] Keep reading »

Staggered Mini-Shelves Make For Chic Storage

It can be hard to get creative with your decor in shoebox-sized apartments. (Unless, of course, you count using half of your bed for shoe storage “creative” instead of plain sad.) Those of us who’ve grown accustomed to the tiny space, however, have learned to jump on every opportunity for adorableness that can be had without making tight quarters even tighter. When we saw these staggered mini-shelves, we got excited. They’re a cute, easy-to-install way to say make shelves a little more visually interesting than they’d normally be. Though the mini-shelves are used for sunglasses here, they’d work great for displaying any collection you’ve got, from sparkly jewelry to that epic action figure collection. [Apartment Therapy] Keep reading »

How To Clutter Your Digs And Stay Classy, Too

Stylist Masha Orlov is, for lack of a better word, cool. She tells the fashion folk at magazines like Purple and L’Officiel what’s up and her wardrobe makes us crazy with jealousy. Recently, she invited Refinery29 into her house/closet and gave the web a look at how to be eclectic without looking sloppy. If you’re the collecting sort with a tendency towards messiness, Orlov’s place is a good example of restrained kitsch. How to pull it off after the jump. [Refinery29] Keep reading »

Karl Lagerfeld Really Lights Up A Room

Karl Lagerfeld might not be known for his bright and sunny disposition, but French design company Samal shows that even the cold Kaiser can light up a room with this lamp inspired by Karl’s iconic tie and collar. [Design Spotter] Keep reading »

A Chandelier From Your Recycling Bin

Lonny, our favorite online home magazine, just put up its April/May issue, and it’s chock-full of fun stuff, from editor-in-chief Michelle Adams’s apartment (she has ostrich wallpaper!) to a chic soup recipe from Katie Lee. We’re especially keen to try the instructions Erica Domesek of P.S. – I Made This … shared for creating a modern chandelier out of discarded water bottles (she created a few other eco-friendly DIY projects to promote Dasani‘s new PlantBottle, too). We think we’ll make one to glam up our bathroom. Keep reading »

Is Your Apartment The Smallest, Coolest of 2010?

Easter is behind us and Mother’s Day is still a few weeks away, which means it must be the season for Apartment Therapy’s annual Small, Cool Contest. Now in its sixth year, the home design contest is open to anyone who lives in a home 1,000 square feet or smaller. Finalists are chosen from several categories and a grand prize winner will receive a weekend trip to New York City, including $1,000 in cash to spend on a design shopping tour. The four Division Winners will each receive $250 to spend on their home, and the top 40 semi-finalists will each receive Apartment Therapy’s new design coffee table book. Submissions are open now through April 19, so if you want a chance to qualify, get out your camera, take a few shots of your apartment and send them along with a floor plan. In the meantime, check out the homes already submitted and be sure to stop back by between now and May 10 to vote on your favorites! Keep reading »

5 Ways To (Almost) Instantly Decorate Your Home

Even though I’m going on three years in my apartment, I wouldn’t say the place is “decorated,” so to speak. I have furniture (mostly hand-me-downs from my parents or pieces I picked up on trash day) and I have art (largely hanging from nails left by the last tenant), but my studio hasn’t quite come together.

To get me on track, I picked up Speed Decorating: A Pro Stager’s Tips and Trade Secrets for a Fabulous Home in a Week or Less by Jill Vegas, an interior decorator and “stager,” which means she makes people’s homes more salable. Here’s what I learned … Keep reading »

No Use Crying Over Spilled Wine

Because it’s just so pretty when it gets all over Kristine Bjaadal’s table cloth, which reveals a butterfly pattern when wet. We wish this had been around when we were kids. [Irresistable.fr] Keep reading »

Careful, Kids, Drinking Can Cause Chemical Reactions

It’s hard to decide whether this chemistry set-inspired cocktail set is a warning against the dangers of drinking or just the coolest, most geeked-out way to make a margarita. Either way, the dork in us all can’t get enough of this combination of two of our favorite things: cocktails and nerdiness. [GeekSugar] Keep reading »

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