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An Astroturf House For The Mini-Golf Fanatic

Isn’t it sad when the grass on your house is greener than the grass in your yard? This “Beetlejuice”-esque house in Austria features Escher-style staircases to nowhere and an exterior covered entirely in astroturf. Whatever makes you happy. [If It’s Hip It’s Here]…

Julie Gerstein / January 7, 2011

Turn On The Light By Blowing In This Ear

OK, this is weird. If you really, really hate The Clapper, you will probably love Turn Me On, a light switch created by designer Chris Haines. Instead of flipping a wall switch, you saunter over to this molded, wall-mounted ear, blow in it, and the lights are turned on (or off). Personally, we find thi…

Susannah Breslin / September 2, 2010

Vote On Apartment Therapy’s 2009 Colors Contest

Similar to their annual Smallest, Coolest Home Contest, Apartment Therapy, the awesome home design blog, is holding its fifth annual Colors Contest. Finalists for the “most colorful, beautiful room on the planet” have been selected and readers can vote for their favorites through Oct. 29 when the final four will be selected. Up for gra…

Wendy Atterberry / October 19, 2009