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Overpriced Shirts, Ripped Jeans, And … Bed Bugs?

If the pumping music, masses of teenage girls, and half-dressed male models didn't already deter you from shopping at Hollister, here's something that will. On Wednesday afternoon, tourists in New York City's Soho flagship store -- which Amelia previously described as "hell on earth" -- were greeted by a sign informing them that the…
By: Bianca Posterli / July 2, 2010

Hollister: Hell On Earth

Before I left for my trip to Costa Rica -- more on that next week -- I stopped by the newly opened Hollister store in New York's SoHo neighborhood in order to buy an extra bikini. I had been to Hollister in other cities before, but my subconscious must have blocked the bad memories, because…
By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / August 20, 2009