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Republicans Still Love Trump, Democrats Turn Out For Bernie In March 8 Primaries

Sanders pulled off a surprise win, Rubio’s campaign is a surprising dud. More »

Trayvon Martin’s Mom Takes Aim At Sanders’ “Ghetto” Comment For Clinton Campaign

Sybrina Fulton and the mother of Davis McBath, Lucia, both spoke out against Sanders’ slip-up. More »

Hillary Clinton Would Declassify UFO Documents, Wants To Believe

Bill already tried, too. More »

When A Young Black Voter Challenged Clinton On Diversity, She Told Her To Go Run For Something

Minnesotans have dealt with their fair share frigidness, but few things top the icy exchange Hillary Clinton had with a young Somali-American voter on Super Tuesday. Capture by NBC News, the tense conversation is one that is uncomfortable, yet important to watch. Whether you voted for Clinton (and will continue to) or not, it displays a… More »

Trump And Clinton Won Super Tuesday, But No One Else Is Going Anywhere

Meanwhile, Chris Christie stood around looking like he just realized he was really going to miss his soul after signing it away to the Trump campaign. More »

Trump’s Triumph? What To Watch On Super Tuesday

Super Tuesday is upon us—and it could be the day that changes the Republican Party forever. With 11 states holding GOP primaries and caucuses, rival candidates are doing their best to dent Donald Trump, but the party establishment fears that the time when his candidacy could be stopped is already in the past. On the… More »

Hillary Clinton Is Apparently A Big I Am Cait Fan

Hil totally freaked out when she met Caitlyn Jenner. More »

The Last Of Hillary Clinton’s E-Mails Will Be Released Tonight

The State Department has announced that they’ll be releasing the last of Hillary Clinton’s infamous e-mails, amounting to about 3,800 pages, at 6 p.m. Eastern today. This will bring our national nightmare to an end. Enough about her damn e-mails, indeed!

Today is the deadline to make all documentsMore »

Unlike Teens on Twitter, Bernie Sanders’ Son Levi Has Never Called Him “Dad”

Bet ya didn’t see that coming. More »

38 Percent Of Florida’s Voters Think Ted Cruz Could Be The Zodiac Killer

It looks like the bright spot of the 2016 elections is going to be the über-trolls at Public Policy Polling, who topped last week’s South Carolina poll about banning gays from entering the U.S. with this week’s Florida poll, which includes the question, “Do you think Ted Cruz is the zodiac killer, orMore »

Is Hillary Clinton Breaking The Glass Ceiling Or Being Pushed Off The Glass Cliff?

Even when Hillary wins, she loses. More »

Spike Lee Endorses Bernie Sanders, Says He’ll “Do The Right Thing”

Get it? Like the movie? More »

Hillary Clinton Kicks Back On The Set Of Scandal

Everyone in D.C. has to deal with Olivia Pope at one time or another, and Hillary Clinton is no different. The presidential candidate swung by the set of Scandal last night to hang with Kerry Washington, Scott Foley, Tony Goldwyn, Darby Stanchfield, and the other Gladiators for a 21st century sort of press op. Instead… More »

LGBTs Prefer Hillary To Bernie And Could Hardly Care Less About Republicans

According to a new survey from Consumer Marketing and Insights, the LGBT community prefers Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders, albeit by a small enough margin. Forty-eight percent of those surveyed said that they would vote for Hillary; 41 percent went to Bernie; an astonishing 2 percent went to Donald Trump; and 1 percent each wentMore »

People Are Mashing Up Hillary’s ‘Dog Bark’ And It’s As Sexist As You Think

Seeing people so excited to grab at the opportunity to compare Hillary to a dog —or more aptly a “bitch” —speaks volumes about our political climate. More »

Why Was Henry Kissinger So Bad? Watch This Documentary To Find Out

Get a quick lesson on why Kissinger is a war criminal in “The Trial of Henry Kissinger” More »

Bernie Sanders Makes History As The First Jewish Person, Non-Christian To Win An American Primary

It’s actually a pretty big deal. More »

Chelsea Clinton Accidentally Calls Bernie “President Sanders”

But hey, it could be worse. At least she didn’t call him Dad.  More »

Why Were Reproductive Rights Left Out Of Last Night’s Democratic Debate?

Agreeing on the issue doesn’t mean having the same plan. More »

Bernie Sanders Is Also Tired Of Bernie Bros

Are you a Bernie bro? Would you even know if you were? More »

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