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What’s Your Daily Fashion Pain Threshold?

Finally, a celebrity admits that lookin’ good ain’t easy. Beyonce complains, “I’m always in pain! My earrings are heavy, and my heels are hurting — they hurt all the time. But you know you have to sacrifice for beauty. You just get kind of numb after a while.”

Are you always in pain due to your fashion choices? Or maybe pain that you’ve gotten so used to, it actually feels normal? Difficult high heels, weird undergarments, tight clothes, weather-inappropriate accessories? What do you care about more—being a little bit uncomfortable to wear something you love or always being completely at ease? [Starpulse] Keep reading »

Platform Shoes Can Seriously Eff You Up

OK, ladies, I’m going as crazy for platform shoes right now as the next fashion-obsessed lady, but I will state for the record that I’m a heel wimp. When it comes to rocking heels, I may have a higher-the-better mentality at the moment, but to be perfectly honest, I probably wear elevated shoes about once or twice a week. So, personally, I was horrified to read some new statistics on our female British neighbors, and wondered if we have a foot health epidemic of sorts over here. In England, 200,000 women sought medical help for their feet, with 10,000 needing hospital treatment last year. More than half of these foot problems are directly related to high heels, and “over a third of women who experience pain in their feet are left with permanent damage.”

What!? Keep reading »

About Those Alexander McQueen Armadillo Shoes

Over at The Daily Beast, Rebecca Dana declares Alexander McQueen’s so-called “armadillo shoes” the “it” shoe of the season. We’ve written about these 10-inch heels from McQueen’s spring 2010 collection several times here at The Frisky, and while reviews remain mixed, I love them. As Dana confirms, though, I won’t be wearing a pair anytime soon. There are only 21 pairs in existence; they are, wait for it … $3,900 to $10,000 a pair, depending on style, skin, and embroidery; and they’re pretty much impossible to get — unless, of course, you’re Lady Gaga, who wore them in her “Bad Romance” video, or style icon Daphne Guinness. Even if you could get your hands on a pair, whether you could walk in them remains unclear. Staffers at British Vogue blogged their failure to stagger any distance on them, while Guinness proclaims: “They look difficult [to walk in] but they aren’t.” But why are these outrageous, unaffordable, incomprehensible lobster-claw boots the shoe during a recession? As McQueen told The New York Times, “The world needs fantasy, not reality. We have enough reality today.” It only makes sense that women would be enamored with a pair of fantastical shoes they cannot afford to wear. [The Daily Beast] Keep reading »

Would You Wear Heels In The Snow?

I’m a high heel lover, but even I have to admit defeat when it snows. My rubber-soled boots win every time because I like my limbs. Anyway, I’ve noticed quite a few women wearing their heels in the snow on my favorite street style site, Chictopia. So I wonder, do you wear heels in the snow? Keep reading »

Who Wore These Lightning Bolt Heels?

Who wore these Zeus-inspired lightning bolt high heels?

1) Lady Gaga. Duh.
2) Beyonce. She’s a freak.
3) Rihanna. That’s my fashion icon!

Find out the answer after the jump. Keep reading »

The Fashion Police Are Having Their Own Emergency

If, that is, they’re caught wearing these crazy heels. Wow. [Yanko Design] Keep reading »

Nicholas Kirkwood Designs Shoes Fit For A Mad Hatter

We’ve written about shoe designer Nicholas Kirkwood‘s zany creations before, but this time he takes things to a whole new level. Kirkwood, along with several other designers, was asked to a concoct a pair of “Alice in Wonderland”-themed heels for display in the windows of the Printemps store in Paris. The image you see up top is the sketch Kirkwood made of the shoes, inspired by his favorite character, the white rabbit. “I think my favorite Alice character is the March Hare,” the designer explained. The bottom photo is a shot of the completed footwear, outfitted with real teacups and a pocket watch, natch. They’re perfect for the girl who isn’t afraid to wear literary allusions on her feet. [Style.com] Keep reading »

Quotable: Mariah Carey On The Hazards Of Being Mariah Carey

“This height of heel is what I wear. Even my slippers. I can’t even walk in flats.”

Mariah Carey (gesturing at her high heels) explains her diva behavior [Guardian UK] Keep reading »

Attack Of The Glamazons!

Cooly cranky ad dude Copyranter points us to these Amazon-themed ads created by Soho, a Zurich-based clothing store chain, that suggest their high heels will make you feel so high, you’ll be able to kiss the sky. I love these ads because a) they make me think of that wacky fetish called macrophilia, and b) I’m 6’1″, 6’4″ in my three-inch boots, and this is about how tall I feel when I wear them. [Copyranter] Keep reading »

Those Are Some Killer Heels You Have There, My Dear

Gianni Barbato’s boots with skulls at the top of the heels are some serious you-know-what kickers. Definitely a perfect fit for the upscale girl with a penchant for the gothic look, they ain’t cheap — marked down from a whopping $870 to a mere $609 — but they’re sure to score their fair share of attention. I could absolutely see the fashionably daring Rihanna rocking these spooky stilettos. [Haute Macabre] Keep reading »

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