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Meet The Camp Gyno: The World’s Youngest Period Expert

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Like Santa For Your Vagina
Meet The Camp Gyno: The World's Youngest Period Expert
Meet The World's Youngest Period Expert!

HelloFlo, a service that delivers mail-order period care packages complete with tampons, pantyliners and chocolate, is marketing their service to younger set of menstruators with the creation of a Period Starter Kit. They’re genius marketing campaign features the “Camp Gyno,” a young girl who is a loser at summer camp until she gets her “red badge of courage.” Soon she becomes the most popular period expert (bordering on tyrant) on the lake, giving “menstruation demonstrations” and advice. “It’s like I’m Joan and their vadges are the Arc,” she brags. The Camp Gyno’s reign comes to an end when all the girls start getting their HelloFlo Period Starter Kits delivered and realize the service is “like Santa for your vagina.” Keep reading »

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