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Hello Kitty Doc Martens Put The Cute In Your Boot

Got a thing for Hello Kitty? Dig old-school Doc Martens? These new Hello Kitty Doc Marten boots will be right up your fashion alley, then. The line is Sanrio x Doc Martens, and the models include pink on black, red and blue on white, and a multicolored Hello Kitty-covered pair. No price point yet, though, and they won’t be available until later this summer. [Racked] Keep reading »

Even Hello Kitty Likes To Get Drunk

I consider my taste in wine to be pretty, well, non-judgmental. I mean, I will savor the hell out of a nice Barolo, but if you hand me a glass of cheap champagne, I’ll guzzle that too. (Hell, I have even been known to enjoy Franzia.) That said, wine made by pretty pink pussycat Hello Kitty gives me pause. I don’t even think my palate could stomach the sweetness this booze must contain. [L.A. Weekly] Keep reading »

The Hello Kitty Chainsaw Massacre

Seriously, will Hello Kitty ever cease to be hilarious when associated with tampons, toilets, weaponry, or life-threatening mechanical devices? Survey says: no. [Geekologie] Keep reading »

When Cats Fly …

In Taiwan, Eva Airlines has decked out an Airbus Hello Kitty-style. Think this would relax fearful flyers or make them more freaked-out? Hmm … we wonder if the safety card features HK illustrations as well. If Hello Kitty can survive an airplane crash … [PSFK] Keep reading »

Hello Kitty Is Feeling Nipply

Oh, no! Hello Kitty! You got a nip slip! [BuzzFeed]
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Lady Gaga + Hello Kitty = Nothing’s Shocking

You can’t deny that Lady Gaga certainly has her own interesting fashion sense. But now, on top of her latest antics (like selling a piece of her hair to fans), she’s taking on the style of Hello Kitty. Eh, somehow we’re not surprised. It’s all for the character’s 35th birthday, yet the pictures by Markus Klinko and Indrani will appear on the cover of her special, limited-edition reissue album. You can also catch them in Los Angeles, on display at the Three Apples birthday exhibition. Maybe the precious Sanrio kitty will make an appearance during her tour? [Daily Mail] Keep reading »

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