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She Died With A Vibrator By Her Side

Nicola Paginton is an inspiration to us all: the 30-year-old nanny allegedly died of a heart attack while masturbating to porn. Suck it, Mary Poppins! Police said last October, Paginton failed to show up for work one day; her employer came to the nanny’s place because she wasn’t answering her phone. There she and a neighbor broke inside and discovered Paginton dead, lying on her bed with a vibrator by her side and a porn playing on her laptop. The coroner ruled her “activity before bed” likely contributed to this otherwise healthy young lady’s sudden heart arrhythmia.

Let this be a reminder to us all to only give house keys to friends who we wouldn’t mind seeing our bodies mid-orgasm after rigor mortis has set in. [The Sun UK] Keep reading »

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