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10 Fresh Summer Salads We Want To Eat Right Now

When it’s this hot out, the last thing we want to do is turn on the oven and braise a pot roast–give us some chilled white wine and a fresh, simple salad and we’re good to go. In honor of the latest heatwave, we’ve rounded up 10 salad recipes that are delicious, easy, and healthy. Whip one up, make yourself a boozy popsicle for dessert, and try to enjoy these 90-degree nights…

Single Gal Recipes
woman cooking photo
Dinner for one? Here's our best random single gal recipes! Read More »

Girl Talk: Why I Brought A Scale Back Into My Home

Suddenly Curvy
One woman on loving her weight gain. Read More »
He Told Me To Lose Weight
When he told me to lose weight, I got rid of him. Read More »
Weight Talk
One writer is sick of talking to women about weight. Read More »

It’s been seven years since I owned a scale. Back then, I was 19, and obsessively chronicling my calories, workouts, and incremental weight changes. 105 one day. 106 would send me into a panic attack. 106.5 put me over the edge. When a handful of months later, I’d find out I was 121, my world would turn upside-down.

Yes, I was one of those young women who, by all clinical definitions, had an eating disorder. I can’t exactly tell you how I came out of it. I tend to think I just outgrew it. But if eating disorders are about extreme method and control, then my exodus was something of a doodled roadmap, an attempt to stop thinking so much. Which I guess is why I can’t really remember the progress. But I can remember one thing: the women’s magazine article voice in my head telling me, “Beauty is not a number. Throw out your scale, Scary Spice! Fill your fridge with broccoli and Yoplait non-fat yogurts! Write down daily affirmations! Buy some self-tanner! This is how you’ll be a better you!” Keep reading »

Money 101: 8 Tips For Eating Healthy On A Budget

When you’re looking to trim your budget, it can be easy to cut down on what you spend on food. You can stop getting that latte every morning on your way to work and eat like you’re still in college. (Ramen, anyone?) But what if eating well is a priority, too? Elizabeth Somer, registered dietitian and author of Eat Your Way to Happiness, offered these tips for keeping both your diet and your checkbook balanced. Keep reading »

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