hate crimes

Muslim And Latino Students Attacked By Trump Supporter Yelling “Brown Trash Go Home”

The man yelled ‘Brown trash, go home. Trump will win,’ before assaulting the two men. More »

Gay Basher Attacked Married West Point Couple – And It Did Not Go Well

Daniel and Larry Lennox-Choate were minding their own business, shopping in a SoHo bodega, when some anti-gay lunatic came up and started shouting obscenities and gay slurs at them, before punching Daniel Lennox-Choate in the face.

However, the roving violent bigot picked the wrong couple to mess with–the Lennox-Choates were the first gayMore »

On The Charleston Church Shooting, Black Progress, And White Fear & Violence

It is important to understand the act of terrorism is a reflection of broader White attitudes, angst and fear, not merely the result of a single “scoundrel’s” “madness” or “insanity.” More »

Charleston Shooter: “You rape our women and you’re taking over our country”

Facebook pictures reveal Dylann Storm Roof wore a jacket featuring white supremacist patches on it. More »

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