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Study: Optimism Is Good For Your Heart!


Want to avoid heart attacks, or, you know, just be able to run a mile without thinking you’re about to die? Try getting happy! A new study lead by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute and the National Center for Research Resources found that people with optimistic outlooks are twice as likely to have ideal heart health. This study is the first of its kind to include an ethnically and racially diverse participant pool. Keep reading »

21 Tiny Ways To Have A Happier Year


I was surrounded by wonderful people and lots of champagne this New Year’s Eve, but I wasn’t really in the New Year’s spirit as the clock struck midnight. This year included some not-so-great stuff that I should’ve been thrilled to say goodbye to (and so many wonderful moments too), but something about 2014 didn’t feel over yet. I wasn’t ready to let it go. The end of the year snuck up on me, and as it would happen, even midnight itself arrived with no warning as the neighborhood celebration we’d gathered at forgot to start a countdown in time. Seeing the excited faces around me in the first minutes of the year made me happy too, but I wasn’t as energized for a fresh start as I usually am. The idea that I could scrub clean the hard times and losses of loved ones this year and wake up on the 1st having pushed a reset button just seemed ridiculous. But life keeps moving forward whether we want it to or not, and we should seize every opportunity we can even when we don’t feel ready for them — maybe even especially when we don’t. I have a lot to be grateful for, and even the most seemingly arbitrary new beginnings are a gift. I want to be as full of joy as I can be in 2015, and I want the same for you. Here are some teeny tiny ways to put an extra spring in your step, in January and every other month of the year.

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Here’s The Happiest Country In The World


Gallup’s annual worldwide End Of Year survey interviewed over 64,000 people from 65 countries and asked them, among other things, whether they were happy with their lives. Despite how terribly world events played out in 2014, the world was 10 percent happier than in 2013, with 70 percent of participants reporting that they’re pleased with their lives! This week I’d been feeling less optimistic than usual about the whole New Year’s shebang, and news like this is exactly what I needed to hear to feel a bit brighter about 2015. Even more awesome is that only six percent of participants said they were unhappy with their lives, which is an improvement from the 12 percent who said so last year. The survey also discovered the happiest and unhappiest countries in the world. I’d assumed the happiest country would be someplace like Sweden or Denmark that always seems to rank high in well-being studies. As it would happen, the answer is even more obvious than that — paradise!

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Having A Bad Day? Channel This Ecstatic Dog Running Through A Water Fountain


Martha Bellingham was on her way to work when she felt compelled to stop and watch this dog, named Sasha, dancing around in a nearby fountain like she’d just won the lottery. Unlike we humans who get so caught up in our everyday worries, Sasha was able to just appreciate the simple joy of the moment. I have a feeling that to Sasha, pretty much every day is the best day ever, so I’m totally trying to absorb her energy through the computer screen via osmosis right now. [Huffington Post]

Study Claims That “Happy Wife, Happy Life” Is Actually True


A new study from Rutgers University and the University of Michigan has found that in a heterosexual marriage, a wife’s happiness is more important to the survival of the relationship than her husband’s. Researchers studied 394 couples who’d been married for an average of 39 years. The couples were asked questions about whether their spouse appreciates them, argues with them or gets on their nerves. They were also asked how happy they were during a 24-hour period while doing specific activities like errands or watching television. Most of the participants reported a high level of satisfaction with their lives, and if a woman reported being happy with her husband, he was more likely to be happy with life in general no matter how he felt about the marriage itself.

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Are These Real Life Rose-Colored Glasses?

Rose Colored Glasses

Happy Lens sunglasses by Spy Optic are specially designed to boost your mood, alertness, and quality of sleep. Hard to believe, right? Apparently, science has confirmed their joy-inspiring abilities. A study published in the US National Library of Medicine found that blue-enriched white light made people happier and more alert, so these lenses were created to allow long wave blue light to pass through while blocking ultraviolet rays. They’re also meant to help you avoid the eye soreness that comes along with extra sunshine. Wearing the glasses increases the contrast of what you’re seeing around you, including on your smartphone, but can make it tough to see other light displays like those on a gas pump or a car. They seem to be a particularly great idea for someone who gets down in the dumps on cloudy days and wants to get the most out of whatever sunlight they can (such as myself). Whether they actually work or not, even whatever placebo effect they give off, might make it worth a shot. I’ll take whatever extra happiness I can get! [Gizmodo]

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