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Frisky Q & A: Author Gretchen Rubin Wants You To Come On, Get Happy

Writer Gretchen Rubin had a life even Blair Waldorf would envy: a great career, an adoring financier husband, two precious daughters running around her Upper East Side home, and not one, but two degrees from Yale. But why wasn’t she enjoying it more? In a quest to get more fun out of everyday life, she embarked on a so-called “Happiness Project,” which has since turned into a best-selling memoir. After combing through six months of research—everything from classical philosophy to contemporary literature—Rubin fine-tuned her findings into a year’s worth of monthly resolutions, which she applied to her own life. February, for instance, was devoted to marriage, and Rubin tasked herself with the following goals: “Quit nagging. Don’t expect praise or appreciation. Fight right. No dumping. Give proofs of love.”

If her approach to boosting happiness seems complicated and clinical—don’t worry, her account of the yearlong endeavor is anything but. The Happiness Project is honest, charming and refreshingly free of preachy self-help speak. Best yet, it’s packed with practical advice on how anyone can find get more joy out of life. Rubin happily took time to chat with The Frisky. See what she had to say after the jump. Keep reading »

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