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Greasy Food Makes Hangovers Worse & Other Things You’ll Need To Know On New Year’s Day

There's nothing I enjoy more when I'm drunk than stopping by McDonald's on the way home — the only time I go to Mickey D's, by the way — and getting myself some chicken nuggets. Something about the greasiness and chickenness and saltiness just hits the drunken spot! But it turns out I'm doing drunk-snack…
By: Jessica Wakeman / December 31, 2013

Quickies!: Cougar Den Guide

Check out your state's cougar dens. [Tango] Sex with an ex can be done, if you do it right. [College Candy] Stock your cabinet with these 25 beauty essentials and you'll be beautifully prepared for gorgeous days ahead. [] A sailor trod water for 12 hours after he wa…
By: Annika Harris / August 20, 2008