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Crave: Liz Claiborne Broadway North/South Shopper

We’re trying to be good about bringing our lunch to work (to save money) and carry a reusable bag with us to the grocery store (to save the environment), but our current handbag just can’t keep up with us. The sign that we needed to upgrade came last Tuesday, when our strawberry yogurt tumbled out onto the sidewalk as we reached for our house keys. We’re pretty sure this slouchy leather bag from Liz Claiborne (surprised?) is going to change our life. Or at least give us enough space to carry everything plus the kitchen sink. [$182, Zappos.com] Keep reading »

Crave: Ivana Helsinki Scarves & Purses

For some, “handmade” conjures up images of poorly constructed crafts. For Ivana Helsinki, it means avant-garde prints from Finland. An oversized coin purse is adorned with a flock of birds. A silk scarf features hearts and daggers. [$84-$160, Beklina.com] Keep reading »

Crave: Klein Canvas Tool Bag

OK, so call us crazy, but this tool bag would make the chicest handbag because it has the same classic shape as some high-end purses, it’s just more unexpected. Made of rugged, durable canvas and moisture-resistant vinyl, this tool bag would make the perfect everyday purse because its natural and cognac colors go with pretty much everything. Although we’d caution against loading it up with non-essentials, because the steel-framed opening will add weight. We’d feel so chic wearing this with a floral summer dress. [$42.99, Home Network Supply (including photo credit)] Keep reading »

Our Bags Are Time Suckers

The average woman spends about four and a half minutes every day rummaging through her bag, according to a research by a company called Bagatidy. This comes out to about one full day a year spent searching through pens, loose papers, extra clothes, and whatever other crap you’re lugging around. We think this is entirely possible, given the contents of our bags:

  • Amelia’s bag: wallet, black umbrella, yellow cardigan, iPhone, keys, work ID, fake lavender Ray-Bans, two-week-old issue of New York magazine, promotional CD I got at a concert, mascara, four lip glosses, three pens, camera, copy of Breakfast At Tiffany’s (the book), various business cards, various loose pieces of paper, and loose change.
  • Catherine’s bag: wallet, red umbrella, black cardigan, phone, keys, camera, work ID, notebook, sunglasses case, two lip glosses, two lipsticks, one chapstick, datebook, pen, two pencils, iPod, and a USB drive.
  • What’s in your handbag? [MarieClaire.co.uk] Keep reading »

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