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House Of Winehouse

There’s good news for the pack of nearly a dozen fashion mavens that came to my Halloween party dressed as Amy Winehouse: she’s launching her own line of cosmetics and accessories! From hair scarves to liquid liner, the vamp style icon has been in talks this week to create products based on her unique look. Winehouse, who just hosted a makeover/sleepover party this week with Kelly Osborne and her goddaughter, has had her praises sung for more than her sweet 60’s style. The five time Grammy Award winning voice is poised to send boring boho fashion into style rehab. From the looks of all her excited fans, it’ll be straight eye for the queer guy…and gals like me! [The Sun] Keep reading »

Dress Your Daughter Like A Whore For Halloween

Let’s face it, the best part about Halloween is that otherwise demure women can dress up like sluts. Insert “sexy” in front of any profession/character/noun and you’ve got your costume — Sexy Librarian, Sexy Mustard, Sexy Football Player. However, we draw the line at sexy costumes for kids. On a children’s costume website we came across, the get-ups for girls under the “Occupational” category are a pedophile’s wet dream and should be every mom’s nightmare. Take “Major Flirt Child”, a mini-skirted army green fatigued tartlet who’s got boys standing at full attention! It’s never too early to teach a lady how to toy with men. But why stop at just flirting? Your nine-year-old would be even more fetching in the Halloween parade as a “Playground Tramp.” [Girl's Occupational Costumes] Keep reading »

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