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Dog Dressed In Judge Judy Halloween Costume

dog dressed like Judge Judy

I mean, the title of the post says it all, no? There’s just something about a dog in glasses, a wig and judge robe with its tongue sticking out that really gets our attention, ya know? If you know what’s good for ya, you’ll truck on over to The New York Daily News to see more cuties dressed for the Fifth Annual Dog Day Masquerade. Spoiler alert: One is dressed as the Pope. [NYC, 10/19/09] Keep reading »

The Halloween Inspiration Board: A New Jersey Housewife

Careening through life high on drama is best left to the ladies of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey.” But ripping off their Jersey girl style just for one night will do your bubbies proud! Lucky for you, it’s as easy as making a trip to my fair state’s biggest temple of worship (that’s “the mall,” for those of you in the other 49 states). Your instructions? Find something that clashes, find something else that clashes, press on your fake nails, and poof! You’re ready. But … but …, you might be thinking, zebra print and leopard print together? Really? Yes. Trust us. New Jersey‘s state motto is “go big or go home!” So grab your copy of Cop Without A Badge, and check out our picks. Keep reading »

Quick Pic: Pug Sushi Anyone?

Owner Lisa Woodruff poses with stepsister pugs Mochi and Olive in their sushi Halloween costumes. [10/4/09, Huntington Beach] Keep reading »

Haunted Attractions Across The Country

Watching a scary movie on Halloween is so lame. Instead, you should go out and mingle with the undead, ghosts, and ghouls as you get scared half to death at a haunted attraction. Today’s haunted houses, ships, mortuaries, and hayrides are nothing like the cheesy attractions at carnivals you might remember from your childhood. Nowadays, haunted attractions have benefited from the live talent that has left Hollywood as computers take their roles in horror movies. And they’ve also gone more high-tech with animatronics and movie-quality sets and sounds. [Reuters]

Find a haunted attraction in your area after the jump. Keep reading »

The Halloween Inspiration Board: Matador

The other day I was walking down the street wearing a shirt with a frilly collar and black skinny jeans, and, suddenly, it hit me! If I put on a cropped jacket, some red knee socks, and carried around a red cape or blanket, I could fight bulls like there’s no tomorrow. Now, if only I knew someone with a bull costume, my matador ensemble would truly be complete. Keep reading »

Halloween Costume FAIL: Woman Arrested For Stealing Sexy Cop Outfit

Sure, we all know thousands, maybe millions of women want to don slutty Halloween costumes come Oct. 31, but what you might not have considered is that all that pleather and latex and crappy lace ain’t cheap, no matter how crappy it looks. One South Carolina woman was so driven to the brink of insanity by the prospect of plunking down 50-plus bones for a sexy cop outfit that she simply stole it from an outlet store at her local mall. (Ah, the delicious irony.) Real cops promptly busted her, saying, “This woman is arrested for having bad taste!” OK, no, they didn’t really say that, pardon my embellishment. Guess she’ll have to settle for being a sexy jailbird this year. No problem, they do make those. I’ve seen ‘em. [The Sun] Keep reading »

The Halloween Inspiration Board: Anna Wintour

If you’ve ever wanted to be truly feared, we’ve got the costume for you. We’re not talking “scary” in the way that zombies or pre-Twilight vampires are. That’s child’s play. We’re talking grown women (and men) crying in closets in your wake. For that kind of terror, Vogue editor Anna Wintour is your only option. Keep reading »

Halloween No-No: Bad Tattoo Costumes

Marisa at Needles and Sins, who we interviewed yesterday, has a terrific post on the most horrid of Halloween costumes: bad tattoos. If this Lydia the Tattooed Lady getup doesn’t disturb you, perhaps this Tattooed Dog costume will. “[W]hat’s really bugging me here [isn't] that companies are making a buck mocking our art,” says Marisa. “What it comes down to is this: the tattoos in these costumes suck.” Check out more bad tattoo costumes at NeedlesandSins.com. Keep reading »

Which Dead Celeb Will You Contact At The Halloween Tweance?

I don’t know what you’re doing on Oct. 30, but I will (skeptically) be attending the first-ever Twitter séance—yes, a Twéance—led by British psychic Jayne Wallace. Séances have been going on in dark rooms with creepy lighting since the mid-1800s, but apparently the spirit-channeling ceremony is ready for a 21st century makeover. That’s why Angels Fancy Dress, a London-based costume company, came up with the idea to do a séance via Twitter. Here’s how it’s going to go down. Tweeters will choose which of their favorite dead celebs to contact and will ask them a question. They’ll get an answer from beyond Tweeted back to them in real time through Jayne. Holy ghost! I’ve messed around with the Ouija Board before (someone was pushing it, right?), but this is on a whole new level. Now I just need to figure out whom to contact—after this summer, there are a lot of options. [The Sun] Keep reading »

What Not To Wear On Halloween If You’re A Guy

The Sexist has created another one of her hilarious roundups of the most horrifyingly awful, supposedly sexy Halloween costumes. This time, she takes on pseudo-sexy costumes for dudes, and they’re a real horror. (The worst of the “sexy” costumes for women is here.) While Sexy Pirate with a Big Sword and Sexy Cop in a Pair of Ridiculous Hotpants are strong contenders for the best of the worst, my favorite is the fireman you see here. He’s so much more than a fake tan male model with washboard abs in a bad fireman suit. He’s a guy with a rubber hose in his pants who wants to put out the fire in your burning loins. No problem doing that, dork. [The Sexist] Keep reading »

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