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Quench Your Hair’s Thirst

Winter weather can leave hair dry, cracked and desperate for moisture. And so, we recommend you sass up your hair routine with a little Leonor Greyl Huile de Palme oil. You can use this magic serum as a pre-shampoo step, to add extra moisture to your scalp, or put a dab in your hair and use as a shine-enhancing styling product. Either way, this oil adds a touch of luxury to your follicle routine. And since you only need a bit of it, a bottle will last you a long, long time.

[$49.00 Leonor Greyl]

Shampoo You’ll Love To Lather

We’re such suckers for a good shampoo–and Davine’s LOVE Smoothing Shampoo fits the bill exactly. Released just in time for Valentine’s Day (a totally crap holiday), LOVE Smoothing Shampoo is fortified with prickly pear extract to help smooth and moisturize your desperately dry hair follicles. Plus, it smells really great, so even if V-Day blows, LOVE shampoo does not.

[$16.95 Davines.com]

Are You A Hair “Planner”?

I recently cut my hair super short. While it’s been fairly short for a while, I decided to go for a pixie cut, thinking, Why the heck not? It’s a good time in my life for this. When a male friend saw my new hair do, he complimented me on it, telling me I look good as a “short hair person.” Yes, perhaps, I told him. “However,” I said, “I think I’ll keep it short for a few more months, then start to grow out again.”

“Sheesh, you girls are such hair planners. It’s always about what your hair is going to be like in a year from now, never about what it’s like now.” Keep reading »

How Much Money Do You Spend On Your Hair?

Yikes! A survey by Tresemme shows that women spend $50,000 (on average) on their hair upkeep in a lifetime. That might seem like a scary figure, but when we did some calculations, our stomachs twisted even tighter because we realized that for some of us Frisky staffers, 50k might be a freakin’ modest sum. Think about it — just a few salon visits a year adds up, as does the stuff you buy for your coif, from shampoo to bobby pins. Even the most low-maintenance ladies among us still shell out cash on a regular basis for a variety of things.

So—rough estimates from you guys? Does 50k seem like a too-high number? Or do you pay for hair maintenance the same way you do for health care? [Stylelist] Keep reading »

How To Keep Your Hair Soft And Shiny In The Winter

The air is becoming cold and dry and that’s messing with your hair, right? From flyaway strands to dry scalp-induced dandruff, the war is officially on. Tackle the dried-out rat’s nest you used to call your hair with these tricks and products:

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