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Instead Of New Year’s Resolutions, Make New Year’s Challenges That Encourage You To Compete With Yourself

If you’re like me and failing at New Year’s resolutions makes you feel guilty and at least a little bit like a failure, here’s an alternative: Gamify your resolutions and make them into New Year’s Challenges, instead.

Gamification can be a huge help for your motivation — it’s the application of game thinking to non-game situations. One of the most successful examples of gamification in pop culture in recent history is the app Zombies, Run!, which turns training to run a 5K race into an epic quest to escape zombies, earning supplies along the way. Playing games is fun, but running, for beginner runners, isn’t. Keep reading »

Figure Out If You’re An Abstainer Or Moderator To Manage Your Good And Bad Habits

One of the focuses (focii?) of Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project is figuring out how to break bad habits and moderate indulgences. Yesterday on the project’s blog, she talked about two different ways to manage temptations: Abstaining and moderating.

She describes author Delia Ephron as a “Moderator”: When she goes to bakeries, for example, she can take a few bites of whatever she buys, get bored with it, and throw the rest away (Ephron’s husband has named this “Discardia”). Moderators can indulge a little bit at a time, but they panic if they’re told that they absolutely can’t have something. Rubin describes herself, on the other hand, as an Abstainer: Abstainers have a hard time stopping once they’ve started, but find it easy to just totally cut themselves off from something, too. Keep reading »

What Grosses You Out?

Gross Beauty Rituals
The gross things we do to be beautiful. Read More »
Toilet Grossness
Real World logo
"Real World: New Orleans" had a toothbrush in the toilet incident. Read More »
Nasty Habits
Addiction turned this woman into a hooker. Read More »

If I find a hair in my food, I freak out. Like, gasping and gagging and other generally outrageous reactions will ensue. Ever since I was little, hair in food has been #1 on the list of things I find completely disgusting, which also includes naked mole rats, the smell of eggs, and the word “buffet.” A few days ago NPR did an interview with Rachel Herz, the author of a new book called “That’s Disgusting: Unraveling the Mysteries of Repulsion,” and it turns out the things that repulse us are determined by a number of factors, many of them cultural. Cheese, for example, is a staple of the western diet but in some cultures it’s considered to be the equivalent of cow excrement. Apparently we learn to be grossed out by certain things, and, conversely, we can learn to be not grossed out by certain things. So let’s talk about the things that trigger our personal “yuck!” reflex. What grosses you out? Is there anything that used to gross you out that doesn’t anymore? [NPR]

What Does Your Weird Secret Single Behavior Entail?

Since becoming single a year and a half ago, I’ve had the pleasure of living all by myself. As I’ve written before, I love living alone. I love being able to decorate exactly the way I like, I enjoy cooking meals for just myself (well, with leftovers for my pup, Lucca), and I consider full control of the DVR to be absolute bliss. Another thing I love about living alone is that I can indulge in my secret single behavior 24/7. For example, whenever I am getting comfy on my couch, indulging in a marathon of “Breaking Bad,” I often find myself sticking one hand down my shirt to cup my bare breast. I imagine I do this for the same reasons many dudes stick one hand down their pants while relaxing. It’s soft, it’s warm, it’s comforting. It’s a boob. It’s something I would never do around company. So, yeah, that’s the weird thing I do when I’m alone. And I’m alone a lot.

I want to know what your weird, secret single behavior entails. Dish in the comments and I’ll collect the answers into one big ol’ revealing look into what women are really up to when they’re alone — if you’re shy about sharing, {encode=”amelia@thefrisky.com” title=”email me”} and I’ll keep your answer anonymous! Keep reading »

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