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Well Played: Ashlee Simpson Is Doing Her Best Gwen Stefani Impression

SS: Ashley Tisdale
We're pretty obsessed with this color combo. Read More »
Well Played: Rihanna
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Well Played: Keira
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Well Played: Rose
These faux suspender straps are subtly sexy. Read More »

It’s always fun to see how teen stars modify their adolescent looks into sustainable adult style. Here, it seems Ashlee Simpson’s gone the full Stefani, in a leather leggings and high bun. Give her another couple years and she’ll have this perfected! [Pacific Coast News]

Hot Links: Courtney Love Has No Love For Gwen Stefani

  • Courtney Love has taken a break from embarrassing her daughter Frances Bean on Twitter and has, instead, been spending her time throwing shade at Gwen Stefani. Courtney says that Gwen’s success is actually due to her husband Gavin Rossdale, who Court says is very smart and in charge of Gwen’s empire. And Courtney would know, of course, because she fucked him once or something. [Evil Beet Gossip]
  • Carrie Bradshaw famously got $4 per word at Vogue, Hannah Horvath got $200 for a blog post on “Girls,” and today it was revealed that Sarah Palin made roughly $16 per word at Fox News. Now, see if you can guess how many of those words were “Amen”… [Newser] Keep reading »

Style Stealer: Gwen Stefani’s Cool Polka Dots

For those of you who are compelled to dress sloppy on the weekends or for casual errand-running (don’t worry, I am too), allow me to present to you this look from Gwen Stefani. It’s comfy, stylish, and totally put together, without trying to hard, and I recommend we all steal it so we never go to the grocery store in sweats again. Okay? Details after the jump!
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SS: Jessica Chastain
The "Zero Dark Thirty" is lookin' nice in navy. Get the look! Read More »
SS: Kerry Washington
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SS: Kate Upton
The bombshell makes a slouchy sweater look chic -- and so can you! Read More »

Style Stealer: Gwen Stefani’s Leather And Plaid

Gwen Stefani is capable of making jeans and a T-shirt seem like a daring, funky fashion statement, but apparently she’s also skilled at dressing things down every once in awhile. Take, for example, these red leather pants, which are usually a pretty wild garment, but when paired with a plaid overcoat and a black turtleneck, suddenly seem classy and understated. Want to get the look for yourself? Get all the shopping details after the jump…

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Gwen Kills It
We love her look at Cannes! Read More »
SS: Cat Deeley
We love Cat's perky pop of orange. Read More »

Gwen Stefani Carries A Cake, Tempts Fate

Gwen On Makeup
She wears it so Gavin will "like her more." Huh. Read More »

Geez, Gwen Stefani! I know you’re a musical idol and a style icon. But has nobody ever told you how absolutely dangerous it is to carry around a cake without a cover? You are seriously just asking for trouble here. Also, I’m not sure how I feel about the red Japanese Chinese-style dress you’re wearing, either, so that’s two strikes against you. [Photo: Fame/Flynet]

Gwen Stefani Joins Gavin Rossdale On Stage To Sing “Glycerine”

Gwen & Gavin 4 Eva!

Your eyes do not deceive you! It is not 1995, but that is Gwen Stefani singing Bush’s hit song “Glycerine” on stage with her husband Gavin Rossdale at KROQ’s Almost Acoustic Christmas this weekend. The two met at the event 17 years ago in 1995 and have basically been together ever since. I saw No Doubt and Bush when they toured together shortly thereafter and I gotta admit, I got mid-’90s nostalgia chills (a special kind of chills, BTW) watching this. Time to listen to Sixteen Stone for the first time in a decade…

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