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Remember, about two months ago, when James Deen created a section on his website for would-be sex partners to apply to bang him, provided they were willing to do so on camera? Well, that was real. And James picked one of the women who submitted herself, who has since written about her experience for the website Brightest Young Things. Unfortunately, Jen Tisdale (who appears in the film under the name Gwen Derringer) leaves out just about every possible detail you’d want to know about what it’s like fucking  the world’s most beloved straight male porn star. (Luckily, there’s video of all of that.) While I wish there were more dirty details on the actual boning, Tisdale, who’s a comedian, does a good job detailing the whole weird process of going to LA to bang a famous porn star, from why she did it (“Why not?”), to the first date-esque jitters (“What if he doesn’t think I’m attractive? What if we don’t get along?”), to the aftermath: Keep reading »

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