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How Are We Feeling About This Polka Dot Blazer?

The State Of Dude Fashion
Guys, it's not looking good out there. Read More »
Dude Looks: Slouchy Pants
Yeah, they're kind of "Hobbit"-esque, but we love them anyway. Read More »
Dude Looks: Bold Socks
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Dude Looks: Tweed Jackets
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My boyfriend is a stylish dude. He works in fashion and he dresses like a total dandy. As such, I have very little sense of what is normal guy fashion. Like, take this Mike Ruiz for J.Cheikh blazer. I think it’s amazing, and I’d be stoked if my boyfriend had the balls to wear something like that. But maybe it’s not for everyone. What’s your take? Do you appreciate it when guys take more fashion risks?

Would You Let Your Guy Wear The Male Romper?

We already told you that we do not want the adult BabyGro for ladies, but we want our man to wear the dude version even less. The guy version of the OnePiece features a snowflake design and a kangaroo pocket. We’re not sure how combining this manages to equal cool. But maybe you think this is hot? [Telegraph] Keep reading »

A Man’s Place Is In The Kitchen

Earlier this month, the popular food website AllRecipes.com launched a guys-only version called ManTestedRecipes.com. According to a press release, the site caters to “the unique food interests and preferences of male cooks” and hopes to be “a virtual man-cave where men can talk about food.” After checking out some of the recipes, however, we were a little surprised. A “Guilt-less” Sugar-Free & Fat-Free Frappuccino? To make up for that decidedly non-masculine option, there’s plenty of steak and potatoes. (The names these boys give their dishes are hilarious — “Eat-able Skin Baked Potatoes” and “Easy Yet Complex Steak Marinade” are two of my personal favorites.) Can a testosterone-packed cooking site get men to spend more time in the kitchen? Hopefully — though you may or may not want to eat what they serve up. [Man Tested Recipes] Keep reading »

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