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World’s Fattest Mother Wants To Become World’s Fattest Woman

Wouldn’t life be liberating if you never had to worry about what you ate for fear of packing on the pounds or destroying your health? For Donna Simpson of New Jersey, life is that great. You see, Donna already weighs 602 pounds and has held the Guinness World Record for world’s fattest mom since 2007, when she gave birth to her daughter Jacqueline during a high-risk Caesarean procedure. But she wants to gain 400 more pounds so her total weight will be at least 1,000 pounds. Then, Donna might hold the record for world’s fattest woman. Donna, who wears a size XXXXXXXL, can’t go more than 20 feet without sitting down, and needs a mobility scooter to go shopping, consumes 12,000 calories a day to reach her goal. And as you guessed it, vegetables aren’t on the menu, although sushi is her favorite food. Donna makes her money through a website in which male admirers pay to watch while she consumes fast food. Her food bill is $750 a week. Yet Donna insists she’s healthy and her weight gain goals won’t be harmful. “I love eating and people love watching me eat,” she said to the Daily Mail. “It makes people happy, and I’m not harming anyone.” [Daily Mail] Keep reading »

5-Year-Old Body Builder: Kid Sensation Or Child Abuse?

Am I the only one who thinks there is something really wrong with a 5-year-old who has a six-pack? The kid you are looking at (to the left) is one Giuliano Stroe, the 5-year-old who is the toast of Romania after walking on his hands for 33 feet with a medicine ball between his legs and securing a Guinness World Record. His father has been taking him to the gym since he was born and training him vigorously since the age of 2. Pops feels there is no danger in training Giuliano hard, even though he’s barely old enough for kindergarten, but I’m wondering why no one is questioning his safety. It can’t be good to put such physical strain on a body that’s still developing, not to mention the psychological damage he’s probably doing to this kid. I’m sorry, but does anyone else feel like this child is being exploited, kind of like Balloon Boy? And just for the record, I am also against 5-year-old girls getting spray-tanned for beauty pageants. [Daily Mail] Keep reading »

The World’s Oldest Woman Dies At 115 Years Old

The world’s oldest person, 115-year-old Gertrude Baines, died peacefully in her sleep Friday morning. The saucy senior citizen was born in 1894 and grew up in Georgia. Her father was a slave and she lived through the height of segregation. She was married and divorced once, and had a daughter in 1909 who died of typhoid when she was 18 years old. Despite her difficult path, Gertrude wasn’t a curmudgeon. In fact, the caretakers at her nursing home describe her as sweet and sassy. Gertrude made the news last year when she voted for Barack Obama, and on her 115th birthday, she said she’d like to live another four years just to “vote for Barack again.” Before the last election, Gertrude had only voted once before, for John F. Kennedy. She told the LA Times that she supported Obama “because he’s for the coloured” and that she kept a signed picture of the prez on her wall. [Reuters] Keep reading »

Quick Pic: Chinese Couple Attempts To Break Wedding Gown Record

A Chinese bride wore what she’s hoping will break the Guinness World Record for longest wedding gown train. Guests spent more than three hours unfurling the 1.2 mile-long train complete with 9,999 silk roses. It was the groom, Zhao Peng, who thought of the idea and says the length and the number of roses could make history. The dress cost around $5,856, so his mother thinks it was a waste of money. But the romantic gesture made his bride laugh and cry. The things some men will do for love. [Reuters] Keep reading »

70-Year-Old Grandmother Has The World’s Smallest Waist

Cathie Jung’s obsession with everything Victorian led her to reduce her 26-inch waist to 15 inches, the circumference of a DVD, in the hopes of achieving the perfect hourglass figure. “I was the sort of teenager in ’50s when small waists were in vogue, and when I got into my 40s, the kids were gone. I realized I was going the way of all women my age and starting to look a little dumpy and frumpy,” Jung said to ABC News “20/20.” So she began to wear corsets day and night with the help of her husband, who is also fascinated by the Victorian era. She only removes the corsets to shower. Jung now holds the Guinness World Record for tiniest waist, a feat that some would say is unhealthy. However, her husband, an orthopedic surgeon, says it’s all right to wear corsets as much as his wife does as long as there aren’t breathing problems. Also, he says the corsets prevent her from eating a lot, much like stomach stapling would. [ABC News]

Corsets are way too restrictive to us, so we’ll just be fascinated with Jung instead. You can learn more about her, and others who’ve gone to extreme lengths to alter their body, on tonight’s episode of “Taboo” on the National Geographic Channel at 10 pm. Keep reading »

Setting The World Record For The Most Simultaneous Skinny Dippers

Last month, after a bunch of students in Wales broke a world record for the most people dressed as Smurfs at one time, Kate T. challenged all us Friskians to come up with our very own world record to break. While I’ve been racking my brain to come up with ideas (most people to group kiss at once, anyone?), other folks have been breaking records left and right. The Broadway show “Rock of Ages” broke the record for the largest air guitar ensemble on July 1, and who can forget the woman with the world’s strongest vagina? Speaking of vaginas, what about a nakey world record? Doh, the American Association for Nude Recreation has it covered. Or uncovered? Keep reading »

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