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Quickies!: 25 Rules For The Modern Booty Caller

***Sorry the site was MIA for a while there...our servers were positively overwhelmed by your powerful love. Don't get it twisted! Maintain your booty call friendship with these rules. [Daily Bedpost]…
By: Annika Harris / October 10, 2008


Fans of The Dark Knight, which made an estimated $155.3 million in its opening weekend, are just as insane as the Joker. [Candy Kirby] Writer Erin Mantz steps into the world of a suburban swingers club, to do research, of course. [Tango] Sure, spreading office gossip may feel therapeutic at first,…
By: Annika Harris / July 21, 2008

Divorce Greatest Threat To The Ecosystem After Pollution

Going green has made its way to the bedroom. According to a new study conducted at Michigan State University, the divorce rate is taking its toll on the environment because single living spaces require as much energy as a shared home. From air conditioners to appliances, the strain on electricity production and natural resources ha…
By: Simcha / January 3, 2008