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Nicole Kidman Kills It As Princess Grace

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True, we haven’t actually seen Nicole Kidman’s face move in quite a few years. but perhaps that will help lend an air of regalness to her portrayal of Princess Grace Kelly. Kidman is starring as Grace in the new film “Grace of Monaco,” which chronicles Kelly’s life as a film actress, erstwhile monarch and muse. The film also stars Tim Roth, Parker Posey, and Milo Ventimiglia. We can’t wait. [FashionIndie]

Just Call Princess Grace Of Monaco “Rerun”

Celebrities these days would rather die than wear the same thing twice, leaving us mere mortals to wallow in desperation as we mix and match our wardrobe to make it appear to be larger than it actually is. But Grace Kelly‘s fashion choices are here to bring a sign of style relief. You see, along with the new exhibition, “Grace Kelly: Style Icon,” at the V&A Museum, it has come to everyone’s attention that the princess made a habit of re-wearing a few of her favorite pieces. In at least seven separate occasions, Grace publicly chose to repeat an outfit: a pink lace and silk taffeta dress for both the 1954 Cannes Film Festival and for a game of charades aboard the SS Constitution in 1956, as well as a green silk draped dress for the premiere of Alfred Hitchcock’s “Rear Window”, for the cover of Life magazine, and when she accepted her Oscar for “Country Girl.” That’s not all. She also donned an emerald green Givenchy wool dress for both a luncheon at the White House and while in Dublin, officially making it OK to repeat the exact same outfit. After all, if a princess can do it, we can too. [Telegraph] Keep reading »

The Inspiration Board: Grace Kelly

You know you’ve nailed it when people are still copying your style and putting you on magazine covers decades after your death. So, in one more homage to the inimitable Grace Kelly, take the jump for ways to cop her legendary look. Keep reading »

Grace Kelly’s Timeless Style Lands Her The Cover Of Vanity Fair

More than two decades after her death, Grace Kelly, aka Princess Grace of Monaco, appears on the cover of the May issue of Vanity Fair, which celebrates her much-imitated classic sense of style. Click here to read the magazine’s feature on the actress, along with a slideshow of her more famous outfits. Keep reading »

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