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The McGreevey’s Divorce Should Be Made Into A Movie

Former New Jersey governor Jim McGreevey and his wife, Dina Matos McGreevey, are going through a messy divorce right now. If you’ve forgotten, Jim resigned after admitting he’d had a gay affair. Now, Dina wants him to pay alimony, but he’s trying to paint the picture that the only reason they lived in luxury was because taxpayers took care of everything — the helicopters, the mansion, the use of beach homes, and the household servants — and they otherwise wouldn’t have had any of it. She says she missed out on at least 13 months of gubernatorial perks since he resigned, and she wants to be compensated for the loss. Keep reading »

The Top Five Hottest Governors

With all of this Eliot Spitzer business going on, we started wondering, “If we were a high-priced prostitute, which governor would we want to do?” because, let’s face it, Eliot leaves something to be desired. So here are the five best-looking governors this country has to offer. Keep reading »

Even Politicians Love A Ménage À Trois

It may seem like we’re overly focused on Northeastern U.S. political scandals here at The Frisky, but if Northeastern politicians would stop indulging in such pervy personal business, we would stop. The latest from the region that was proud to call Eliot Spitzer “The Love Gov”? That other dilly-dallying Governor — former NJ Governor Jim McGreevey — has even more skeletons in his closet…though it seems to be more of a strike against his ex-wife Dina Matos. McGreevey famously resigned from his post a couple of years ago because a former aide accused him of sexual harassment — he later came out as a homosexual. His ex-wife Matos (whose fashion sense we admired only a few days ago) wrote a book about her “sham” of a marriage and said she was totally blind-sighted by her husband’s admitting that he was gay (he claims she knew all along). Well now the former driver for the couple says that he used to have threesomes with the pair every Friday night — and McGreevey has backed up the claim as TRUE. Might Matos’ tell-all be as big a sham as her marriage? Hope she still has that powder blue suit and pearls — this scandal is far from over. [Yahoo! News] Keep reading »

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