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A New California Law Will Allow Minors To Digitally Remove Online Activity

Governor Jerry Brown signs a new CA law

Let’s hope this will one day extend to apply retrospectively, too… A new piece of California legislature, signed off on by Governor Jerry Brown, has the potential to clear up a whole slew of problems for the minors of the future. The law, which will go into effect in 2015, will require Internet companies to remove online activity from their services if they are requested to do so by an underage person, seemingly with a click of a button. Because this is the sticky Internet we’re dealing with, there are naturally a few loopholes — the information will only be taken offline, not erased from servers entirely, and minors won’t be able to control content that has been posted or reposted by others. But it’s certainly a step in the right direction for an era of adolescents who are left and right producing the kind of photos, videos, and, ahem, online diaries that make us go, “Ooh, you’ll regret that one day.” Unfortunately, it’s a little too late for Miley Cyrus, but things are looking up for the next generation of youth to lack self-control! Which is all of them, of course. [The Verge via Refinery29]

What It Would Cost You To Buy The White House

Most Expensive Day
How to have the most expensive day of your life. Read More »
House Hunters
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House For Sale
house from American Horror Story photo
The real house from "American Horror Story" is on the market. Read More »

Say you wanted to buy the White House — just how much money might you need? According to the latest estimate, you’d need $284.9 million dollars. That’s up nearly $5 million more than it was worth four years ago.

But if you buy the White House, what are you getting, exactly? Keep reading »

Women On Hill Receive Significantly Less Than Their Male Counterparts

woman politician photo

Today in BS: female Republican House staffers make a whopping $10,093.09 less than the male Republican House staff. Yes, you should read that number again: $10,093.09!

The Democrats aren’t innocent either: female staffers on the Democratic side earn $1,473.65 less, on average, annually than their male counterparts. While the difference is not insignificant, my mind is completely blown looking at the difference that female and male Republican House staffers annually earn. Keep reading »

Italian Hookers Have New Habits

While every girl wants to stop traffic, Italian women are being accused of causing car accidents because they’re so damn sexy. Due to these ridiculous claims, the governments in Rome, Milan, and Florence have just passed laws decreeing that women dress and act more modestly. The legislation states that women must refrain from “adopting poses or behavior or wearing clothing that unequivocally manifest the intention to solicit or practice the activity of prostitution.” Say what?! That sounds like the pervs are blaming the wrong people — i.e. anyone but themselves. But the government maintains that they’re cracking down on clothing to curb streetwalkers. So what are working girls doing in these difficult times for advertising their goods? The world’s oldest profession is pulling one over on “the man” by taking up a new habit — literally. All the hookers have banded together and begun to wear nuns’ uniforms. Ha! Pia Covre, of the Committee for the Rights of Prostitutes, explained, “The idea of wearing gowns or habits down to the feet is to confront the decrees which limit even the freedom of what you can wear.” Ironically, now these whores are sticking it to the foolish Madonna complex. We like their sense of style!

Keep reading »

Stop! In The Name Of Civic Pride

“Stop! In the Naaaame of Love!” Diana Ross sang that phrase back in the ’60s, but a suburb of Chicago has made it one of their mottos. Oaklawn, Illinois, had installed a few funny red octagons around town aimed at making people take a moment to stop and smile, after encouraging local residents to submit tag lines for the stop signs. Other adorable slogans include “Stop! And Smell The Roses,” and “Stop! Right There Pilgrim.” But sadly, the Department of Transportation doesn’t have a sense of humor and ordered the city to take the clever additions down or lose funding. Stop! In The Name Of Bureaucracy? [Mixx.com] Keep reading »

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