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Girl Talk: I Googled My Dates Until One Of Them Googled Me

For some women, first date preparation is a leg wax, a blowout, and brand-new, five-inch pumps. For others, it’s a swipe of lip gloss.

But for me, it’s always at least a solid hour of internet research. To me, pre-date Googling is less a verb than an Olympic-style event of decathlon proportions. There’s the phone number check, there’s the email address cross-search, there’s the quick dip into the search box of his alma mater, then there’s also a quick perusal of his Facebook page, and, occasionally, his friends’ Facebook pages. Keep reading »

Google Wants To Help You Plan Your Wedding

Wedding uber-website Style Me Pretty has teamed up with the folks over at Google to bring brides-to-be wedding-specific (and brand-new) Google Docs Templates to keep their big day organized. They’re seriously useful—guest list templates, scheduling docs, seating charts, a vow-writing template and a music list–all documents that you can share in the usual Google Doc way. Now, you and your mom or soon-to-be-mother-in-law or fiancé can all make changes and updates from different locations (great if you don’t live near your family and are sick of sending that excel spreadsheet back and forth!). They’ve really thought of everything. I’m eyeballing the day-of scheduler right this very second! [Google Wedding Template Collection] Keep reading »

Google Apologizes For Buzzing You

It’s like Google is right in my head, watching my every move and tracking my every thought. Only days after I deactivated my Twitter and Facebook accounts, Google introduced the world to “Buzz,” an annoying tab on everyone’s Gmail account that links people to their most frequent Gmail contacts and tracks their Twitter and Facebook updates, as well as their Picasa albums and a bunch of other stuff. Or something like that. I’m not even sure, really, what it does except suddenly I know what my college roomie had for breakfast yesterday and where an acquaintance of mine spent every hour of this weekend. Now Google promises a new tab that will turn the whole thing off. Someone, quick, where is that special tab?! All I need my email service to do is send and retrieve email. And maybe pick up my dry cleaning and fetch me some coffee, but that’s what my mom keeps telling me (grand)kids are for. So, will you be keeping Buzz on or turning it off? [via NYmag.com] Keep reading »

Google’s Latest Launch: A Fashion Line

Not only is Google trying to take over the entire world, but they’re also attempting to invade your closets. Apparently, the Internet giant is selling some rather high-fashion goods in its Google Store. This small trio of items represents the winners of the Vogue/CDFA competition in which, “Each [designer] was asked to create a one-of-a-kind item that was inspired by Google, whether it be the logo’s colors, technology, or access to information … ”

Cool idea, yet the products are pretty pricey and don’t offer enough innovation in aesthetics for us to drop the $85 on a t-shirt, $300 for a knit scarf, or $200 for a magnifying glass necklace. However, the proceeds do go back to the CFDA to support emerging designers. What do you think? [Huffington Post] Keep reading »

Which “Sesame Street” Muppet Were You?

This week Sesame Street’s 40th birthday, and everyone is celebrating. Google is honoring the fabulous Muppet-tastic show with a prime spot for Cookie Monster (surrounded by cookies — none of this “sometimes food” nonsense,” please). And we’re reminiscing … Keep reading »

After You’ve Googled Your Date, Check Out His Persona

Yesterday’s cautionary tale about Googling your date got me thinking. My last blind date (before which I did no investigation) was seriously a nightmare.

As Tom and I sat down for a glass of wine, he launched right in: “I am under investigation by the Federal Government.” I smiled and laughed. “I’m serious,” he said with a strangely vacant smile. “What for?” I asked shifting in my seat and starting to sweat a little bit. “They are accusing me of insider trading, but I’m innocent.” “Great!” I said relieved. “Unless I get indicted,” he said, “then I would go to jail.” I gulped my wine down, asked for the check, and sprinted in the rain as fast as I could to the nearest subway station.

So now my friend wants to set me up on a blind date and I want to make extra sure that I have all the dirt on this dude before proceeding. Never again will I suffer a repeat of the Tom scenario. So, following Wendy’s sage advice, I Googled this guy’s name AND email address.

Keep reading »

Google Comes Out For Gay Pride Month

Google has come out with a new coming out feature! If you type “gay,” “lesbian” or “homosexual” into the search engine, a rainbow banner will appear above your search results in celebration of Pride Month. So, forget looking up at the sky on these rainy days, just get gay with Google. Warning: lezzy, ‘mo, lug, and hot tranny mess won’t yield the same result. You’ve gotta keep it classy to get this graphic everyone can take pride in. [WOW] Keep reading »

We Knew This Was Coming: Google Unveils Its Next Phone

Google is trying to make magic happen twice with the launch of the mytouchG3, their follow up to the insanely popular G1 mobile phone. Hundreds of personalized applications and seamless integration with the user’s Google mail accounts made the phone an instant hit. Google has expanded on these features with fresh apps like Google Search by Voice, enhanced photo and video recording as well as instant one click uploads to YouTube and Picasa Web. The mytouchG3, which comes in black, white and merlot (fancy!), is available for pre-order July 8th and for national sale in early August. Assuming you sign up for a two year contract, it will only set you back about $200. The tech geek in me — that refuses to buy an iPhone! — is singing with glee.
Keep reading »

Thoughts From Guys On Our IM: Do You Google Stalk Your Dates?

Marie Claire‘s Diana Vilibert has something crazy to admit: “Give me his name and 30 minutes, and I’ll give you his life story as told through Google, from the name of his childhood pet to a comprehensive collage of ex-girlfriends. I’m all for exhaustively Googling dates and digging up what’s out there.” And she’s not alone. Nearly every one of my female friends has Googled a potential date. Some have taken it to the extreme (background info on past GF’s maybe?), while most stick to the basics. What’s his favorite music? How funny is he? Most of what we want to find out about someone can be dug up on Facebook, but for the pesky dudes who makes their profiles private, Google offers a backup plan. Of course, you may end up finding out more than you bargained for. To be honest, I worry about potential dates Googling me. What I reveal on this site alone could scare off men. But do guys Google-stalk women before dates? Find out after the jump. Keep reading »

Google Users Prefer Hairy Bush

Contrary to what we’ve heard from the guys on our IM, Google searches seem to indicate that men prefer women to have a wild, out of control bush over waxed or shaved pubic styles. According to YesButNoButYes, a bikini shop owner did some investigating of Google search trends and discovered that more people search the term “hairy p*ssy” than they do “bald p*ssy,” “shaved p*ssy,” “brazilian wax,” or “bikini wax.” These are hardly scientific results; after all, who knows if these Googlers were searching for these terms based on pubic hair preference. And besides that, the other results added up about equal the total for “hairy p*ssy” searches. Also, don’t people search for things they’re generally really, like, interested in? Maybe those who really, really like untamed pubes are more devoted to their fetish than the majority who prefer but don’t obsess about a little below-the-belt grooming. Keep reading »

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