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Crave: Something To Cuddle When Your Boyfriend’s Away

The next time your boyfriend or husband is out of town, don’t lie awake at night missing his cuddly warmth — invest $39.95 in the boyfriend body pillow! The only difference between him and your man is that this boyfriend wears a button-down to bed, has disturbingly fat fingers, and only has one arm! All the better to snuggle with. [Deluxe Comfort: The Boyfriend Body Pillow] Keep reading »

StyleHiving: A Spontaneous Outfit Breakdown

Oh the joys of getting dressed before a date — the plotting, the scrutinizing, the constant need for re-assurance from your friends that you look hot and not in any way slutty, the hours in front of a mirror, the Polaroid pics (how can anyone forget Cher’s over-the-top first-date precautions in Clueless?)…

Maybe you don’t go quite as far as these extremes — or maybe you go embarrassingly beyond — the point is, any girl would be lying if she didn’t admit to at least a slight amount of neurosis regarding this process. But lighten up, ladies, because as I recently discovered, sometimes the perfect date-night outfit can emerge accidentally on its own.
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A Token Of (Someone Else’s Unappreciated) Commitment

Last week we showed you that video of the guy proposing to (and getting turned down by) his girlfriend at the basketball game and it made us wonder what the heck he was going to do with the ring. Most guys aren’t Brandon Walsh with a disposable income — remember, Brandon proposed to Kelly, but she said, “I choose me”, so he kept the ring as a token of what a bitch she was — so we’ve always assumed they, like, returned it. Not so! According to one guy, Joshua Opperman, his jeweler told him that the ring could be bought back at 32% of its original cost. So he decided to take matters into his own hands and started “I Do…Now I Don’t”, an auction site where other rejected bachelors can hawk their rings to guys looking to propose to their girlfriends. Great business idea, sure, but aren’t the rings kind of…tainted by the original recipients rejection? [I Do…Now I Don’t]
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Thrillist’s Top 5 Things That Don’t Suck

The Frisky has teamed up with Thrillist, the daily men’s lifestyle and city guide, to bring you a weekly list of things for the guys in your life. Here’s the inaugural “Thrillist’s Top 5 Things That Don’t Suck”.

Gear: Rufus Shirts Sample Sale
Get 50+% off button-downs from the Manhattan shirtmaker, who combines classic Savile Row tailoring with American steez for a look it terms “updated traditionalist” — perfect for the cyborg Amish in your life. [Rufus.com]

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Crave: The T-Shirt That Contradicts The Jerry Maguire Script

Tom Cruise playing Jerry Maguire did not have us at “hello,” and neither did our last string of dates. [$50 at Rumplo] Keep reading »

Valentine’s Day Slideshow: Love Is For Breakfast

Nothing says “I Love You” like breakfast in bed and these love-themed cooking utensils and food say it even better. Click on the images to buy! Keep reading »

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