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New York Times Critic Has Totally Tone Deaf Reaction To “Transparent” Golden Globe Wins

  • New York Times TV critic Alessandra Stanley (the same critic who called Shonda Rhimes an “angry black woman”) implied that “Transparent” only did well at the Golden Globes because of political correctness, as if that makes any sense: “The Sony cyberattack revealed that Hollywood isn’t exactly a profile in courage, but it is an industry that rewards politically correct free speech. ‘Transparent,’ the Amazon.com series about a transgender man who comes out to his family as a woman, won best comedy and the best actor award for its star, Jeffrey Tambor. He dedicated his performance to transgender people.” Oh, and then she proceeded to misgender the show’s main character, a transgender woman named Maura, in the very next line. What the hell? [Slate]
  • “Fifty Shades of Grey” grows less and less appealing every day. [College Candy]

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Margaret Cho’s Shtick At The Golden Globes: Not Racist, Just Tired

Last night at the Golden Globe Awards, Margaret Cho played a character named Cho Yun Ja, a movie reporter from North Korea, in a misguided attempt to coast off fumes generated by the publicity machine that surrounded “The Interview”‘s weird half-success. The bit was a little clunky and mostly unfunny. Margaret Cho, a woman of North/South Korean descent, stepped onstage and did what she has been doing for the majority of her career: speaking in a thick Korean accent and poking gentle fun at where she comes from. As Cho Yun Ja she was stoic, stern and weird, dressed in an unflattering military suit and never cracking a smile. It was uncomfortable to watch, it was squirmy. but it was not racist. It was just kind of tired.

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Golden Globes 2015: Major Roots, Pointless Accessories, Beards & Other Trends On The Red Carpet

Bob, lobs and shobs weren’t the only trends we spotted at last night’s Golden Globes. Yellow dominated, ladies turned their backs and went side-swept, a few women dared to wear the pants, while others went back to their roots. Click through to see a few of the most notable trends on the red carpet

Is Beyonce Pregnant? With A Sand Baby?

  • Hmm, is Beyonce trying to tell us something with her latest Instagram pic? [Instagram]
  • Topher Grace is engaged to actress Ashley Hinshaw. Mazel tov! [People]
  • Five people were shot near a nightclub where Chris Brown was performing this weekend. [People]

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Golden Globes 2015: Bobs, Lobs & Shobs, Oh My!

Lest you need any more proof that bobs of all lengths are so hot right now, the haircut was everywhere on the Golden Globes red carpet — in both good and not so good ways. Click on to see which bobs, lobs and shobs made the cut…

12 Times Last Night’s Golden Globe Awards Gave Us Life

12 Times The 2015 Golden Globe Awards Gave Us Life

Last night’s Golden Globe Awards, hosted by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler — who should really be hosing eveything, ever — were pretty damn entertaining considering I forgot to pick up booze before I became chained to my laptop for the evening. They were also decidedly more political than usual, with a number of winners giving rousing speeches about issues like racis, sexism, violence against women and trans rights, while Tina and Amy were on fire, slaying some seriously on point — and feminist — jokes about George Clooney and Bill Cosby. It wasn’t also serious business — Jared Leto debuted a new ‘do and George Clooney made every woman except all of his ex-girlfriends swoon. [And then there were some duds that, in an effort to focus on the positive, I won't mention.*]  Here are the moments that made us raise up our hands and say “YASSSSSSS.” Keep reading »

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