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7 Things You Can Do In Your 20s To Keep Your Eyesight From Going To Pot Later On

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Good vision is something that many of us take for granted, but that can change in the blink of an eye! There are simple things we should be doing, even in our 20s, to make sure that our eyes stay in good working order for the long term. And this is important for women especially, since recent studies show that we experience serious vision issues, including permanent vision loss, twice as often as men! Keep reading »

Tina Fey On Being A Four-Eyed Sex Symbol: “I Tend To Look Like Tootsie”

“People certainly have a thing about the glasses. Liz Lemon wore them all the time, and I wore them on ‘Weekend Update’ to see the cue cards. The ones I wore on ’30 Rock’ were fake, but I kept borrowing them for years—I’d take them home and go to the movies. I finally realized they were fake, they did not have my prescription in them. So yes, [they’re] a fetishized object, but I don’t feel like I have to wear them all the time anymore. I try not to wear them if I’m wearing a gown. If I’m too dressed up with glasses, I tend to look like Tootsie.”

I heartily disagree that Tina Fey resembles Tootsie in anyway, glasses or not, gown or jeans. It’s just a case of self-distortion. But I totally understand. Some mornings, I look in the mirror and think my hair looks like a penis. In other news from Tina’s Time Out interview, she admits she has a bit of a crush on Kermit the frog and when asked if she’s a feminist, she replied, “Yeah, sure.” Gotta love the woman. [Time Out via NyMag.com]

Today In Things That Actually Exist: “Lazyglasses” Let You Watch TV Without Propping Up Your Head

Do you love watching TV and using your computer while laying flat on your back? Hate using pillows to prop your head up so you can see the screen? Tired of waiting for evolution to catch up to our lounging habits and rearrange our facial features into a more convenient TV-watching position? Oh boy, do I have the product for you: lazyglasses! These clever glasses contain mirrored lenses that bend your vision 90 degrees, allowing you to see screens or read text from a completely horizontal position, and they can be yours for just $15.99! Now if only they came with a device that let you drink wine while laying down without spilling it all over the couch, my life would be complete. [Laughing Squid]

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Are Fake Glasses A Good Thing?

Fake glasses or spectacles are the easiest fashion fix there is. Yesterday, after three meetings before 11 a.m. my fake specs came to the rescue when I dashed over to NYFW in the afternoon. Out of the door at 7:30 a.m. meant my hair was limp and clothes creased, but I felt brainy, busy and bright in my glasses. Looking round at the shows too, my guess is I am not the only one faking it.

Earlier this year, my optician made up some Hackett black-rimmed glasses for me — with clear lenses. They are similar to, but larger than my prescription readers and I love them. All through my last year at high school I wore a pair of glasses I had lied to my optician to get. They gave me a terrible headache, but looked great. Now, when I feel like being anonymous but it’s too dark for sunglasses, on go my fakes. Read more …

Warby Parker’s Trippy First TV Commercial Comes With Film, Reading List

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Hipsters Are Required To Watch

Every time I see a person wearing a cool pair of frames they seem to be from Warby Parker. Warby Parker prices all if its frames for $95 a pair, including lenses, and for every pair they sell, they donate one to a person in need. They’ve finally debuted their collage-themed first TV commercial and its a little out of this world: Salvador Dali meets mod meets whatever Fiona Apple was thinking after she smoked that hash. Eyeballs riding unicyles, women with giant scissors, a jaguar on the couch … it’s trippy. And their website shows you all the work that went into the commercial, introducing viewers to each of the J.Crew-ish models (and the frames their wearing, natch) and providing a reading list and film list from the artist behind the 30-second spot. Whew. I want to mock the hipster-ness of it all but I’m actually kinda impressed. [Warby Parker]

Style 911: Can I Wear Glasses And Earrings Together?

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I’ve worn contacts since I was 14, but recently, my eyes just aren’t tolerating them very well. I am moving closer and closer to wearing glasses full time. I believe that 90% of my hatred of glasses comes back to the fact that I just don’t like the way they look with earrings, one of my favorite accessories. Can I wear glasses and earrings together? How do I balance it so that there’s not SO MUCH going on in the same general area? –In Over My Head

Girl, I feel your pain–I don’t wear my glasses all the time but when I do I’m always hesitant to reach into my jewelry box for fear of looking like I have accessories hanging off every part of my head. Fret not, however, because there are definitely some ways to make the glasses/earrings combo work. Here are a few tips… Keep reading »

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