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Why Do (Some) Girls Make Out With Other Girls In Public?

The guys over at Asylum think they’ve figured out why those two girls made out with each other in that bar last night while a group of guys watched.

“University of California, Santa Barbara, sociology professor Verta Taylor and feminist studies professor Leila J. Rupp examined the girls-making-out-with-girls phenomenon through a series of interview…

Asylum / October 3, 2010

Remember To Wear Lace Underwear While Doing CPR

We don’t really see the tie-in between lacy undies, pseudo-lesbianism, and CPR, but bless Fortnight Lingerie for trying. Do you think people would be more likely to actually learn CPR if this were shown instead of boring instructional videos? We’re guessing it might prove a little too distracting in the pants to be…

Lily Q / May 17, 2010

Hey, It’s Two Girls Kissing

Sometimes videos of two girls kissing is gratuitous. Sometimes it’s just pretty. A band called, um, Complicated Universal Cum created this, we think, very sweet video for “I Can Hardly Wait” starring two girls making out. Why? Just because! Sometimes girls just start making out all over the place. That’s how we are.

Susannah Breslin / April 23, 2010