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Weekend Playlist: Girl Group Greatness

Playlist: Girls Of Summer
An all-girl summer jam mix by Julie. Read More »
Playlist: Hibernation Time!
It's cold out. Warm up with these cozy tunes. Read More »
PLAYLIST: Manchester Tunez
Ami's "Soundz of Manchester" will get your Saturday going. Read More »

Happy Friday! We’re stoked because the new movie “The Sapphires,” based on the real life story of the first aboriginal girl group in Australia, is finally in theaters. Jessica is stoked because it stars her Number One Dude Crush Chris O’Dowd, but the rest of us are just excited for the music. In honor of all the awesome girl groups, past and present, we’ve assembled this play list with some of our favorite jams! Some of them aren’t probably technically what you’d call girl groups (more like all-female bands), but you know, we’re flexible.

Tell us your favorite girl group or song in the comments! Keep reading »

33 Famous Girl Groups

Click here to see more groups of girls from your favorite flicks.

The Puppini Sisters On Getting Jilted

The Puppini Sisters may sound like a ‘40s girl group, but their songs are thoroughly modern. On their new album, The Rise and Fall of Ruby Woo, they cover Beyoncé’s “Crazy In Love” and the Bangles’ “Walk Like An Egyptian” in addition to original material. It is really funny, though, to hear such an old-timey group harmonizing about things like not trusting the advice in a Cosmo quiz. On “Jilted,” the sisters, who aren’t really sisters, sing, “How did I get it so wrong?/I tried new positions, I learned his friends’ names, I made myself sit through football games…,” but we’re guessing that women back in the day had similar issues, even if they didn’t need to feign interest in ESPN. [Verve Records] Keep reading »

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