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15 Christmas Gifts That Won’t Get A Guy Laid

Guys, I know picking out a Christmas gift for your lady (if she hasn’t told you exactly, specifically what she wants) is no easy feat. There are so many options out there. And if you’re bad at this whole buying presents thing, you may find yourself completely overwhelmed and defeated and susceptible to making really bad purchases. Sometimes the best way to narrow things down is to start by identifying the gifts that you shouldn’t buy her. We can help with that. Click though for a guide to holiday presents that will not get you laid.


Happy Holidays!
The Frisky is here for you for this holiday season. Need gift ideas? Moral support? Read More »
Gifts For The Gatsby Girl
Gifts for the vintage and retro addict! Read More »

Holiday Gift Guide: Presents For The Lazy Homebody

Holiday Gift Guide
Everything you'll ever need for your holiday shopping. Read More »

Fact: I practically make a second career out of being a lazy homebody, so this gift guide could maybe be scene as the gifts I’d like for Christmas this year to endorse my lifestyle. Because even when a homebody is lazin’ around at home, we still are busy doing stuff. How do you think I managed to watch the entire first season of “Homeland” in one weekend? Being a couch potato is hard work. Here are gifts for the lazy homebody in your life…

Holiday Gift Guide: Presents For Ami

This year, instead of exchanging holiday presents here at The Frisky, we’ve decided to give each other slideshows of the gifts we would give one another if money were no object. Last, but certainly not least, we have Ami. Click through to see the gifts in her virtual stocking. It’s the thought that counts, right?

Infographic: What His Christmas Gift Really Means

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Holiday Gift Guide: 10 Presents For The Stylish Mom

Holiday Gift Guide
Everything you'll ever need for your holiday shopping. Read More »

Have you ever wanted to raid your mom’s closet? Could she go toe-to-toe with Martha Stewart in a hostessing contest, if such a contest existed? Does she watch “Work of Art” and have great taste in fiction? Does she make a perfect poached egg? Congrats, your mom has got style in every which way. Here are 10 gifts that she’ll be sure to appreciate.

Holiday Gift Guide: Your Sassy Sister

Holiday Gift Guide
Everything you'll ever need for your holiday shopping. Read More »

Your sister is cheeky, irreverent, and almost always has something inappropriate to say at family gatherings. She’s always been too cool for school, especially all those times she ignored you in the hallway. Hopefully you guys have settled the score by now, but even if you aren’t on quite the same page, there are a few holiday presents that are acceptable for your sassy sister.

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