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MoMA Chat Plates

When a guest doesn’t know anyone at a party, she usually ends up talking to the host or congregating around the snacks and booze. But these Chat Plates designed by Ikuko Nakazawa, which resemble conversation bubbles from manga comics, will remind everyone that the whole point of a party is to schmooze. Each set includes one large plate and two smaller ones that are microwaveable and dishwasher safe. This is the perfect time of year for entertaining, as you know, and your guests will thank you for not inundating them with more holiday-themed decorations. [$48, Velocity] Keep reading »

Bo: The Men’s Vibrator He Can Carry In His Pocket

Is that a Bo in your pocket or are you just excited to see me? Both. Sort of. Meet Bo, a male vibrator made by Lelo, a company known for its sleek array of designer sex toys. (You might know one of their bestsellers, a USB rechargeable vibrator which looks like a tube of lipstick.) The male version is a discreet “gentleman’s ring” which delivers stimulation through an energetic and vigorous vibration. Bo can be used for joint pleasure during intercourse; however, it seems to be marketed more to solo time. That picture implies that the accessory should become an everyday object, one used so routinely that he could carry it in his pocket along with other necessities like a wallet, pen, and glasses. Ew!

Here’s the thing: If a girl carried around a sex toy in her purse to pleasure herself throughout the day, many guys would find this a turn-on. But a guy who carries a male vibrator in his pocket? Dealbreaker. Amiright? [Lelo] Keep reading »

Han Cholo Straight Razorblade Pendant

So this pendant is meant for a boy, which is kind of cool, but on a girl it would be totally badass. Take away all images of all the places a lady could shave, and instead think of this as a warning to all foes: “You’ll get cut if you mess with me!” We’re not condoning violence, mind you. We usually cut and slash egos, not flesh, with our quick wit. [$57, 80's Purple] Keep reading »

Cheapskate: The Body Shop

Sometimes you just need a pick-me-up and some pampering, but who has the dough to run to the spa every time the stress dial is cranked up? Well, it’s time to look for life’s little indulgences at The Body Shop. Typing endless reports could be a lot easier if your hands were luxuriating under a silky film of a special moisturizer. And staring continuously at a computer screen could be more bearable with a special potion to energize your pulse points. Get my drift? OK, then check out our favorite affordable elixirs, emollients and tools from The Body Shop after the jump. Keep reading »

Brooks Brothers’ Limited Edition “Mad Men” Suit

What’s sexier—your guy dressing up as Don Draper for Halloween or him dressing like that regularly just because? We’d vote for both, but now male “Mad Men” fans have the option to be dapper Don every day thanks to Brooks Brothers’ limited-edition “Mad Men” suit. Created by Janie Bryant, the show’s costume designer, the ensemble is a pretty genius interpretation of ’60s menswear with its skinny lapels and angled kerchief pocket. And while the cut is a bit retro, something about it remains classic. (Break it in on Halloween, then wear to the office for years to come.) Keep reading »

Craighton Berman DIY Coil Lamp Kit

While we could all hang an unadorned light bulb from an extension cord for light, most people prefer chandeliers, light fixtures, and lamps that add a decorative touch to rooms. Industrial designer Craighton Berman, however, took the simplest electric lighting elements — a cord and a light bulb — and turned them into a high-design table lamp. This marks the first time an orange 100-foot extension cord has looked stylish. [$75, Craighton Berman] Keep reading »

Clarks Originals Celebrates Six Decades Of The Desert Boot

The Desert Boot turns 60 this year. To celebrate, Clarks Originals has released six new, unique designs inspired by the 1950s through the 2000s. There are three styles for women and three for men. Each pair of the 60th anniversary Desert Boots, which retail for about $146, comes in a specially designed box. There are souvenirs too — the booklet on Six Decades of Looking Forward to the Past and a replica keychain made from the same materials as the boot. [Clarks]

All this talk about the Desert Boot has made me nostalgic for my Catholic school days because this boot was one of the only shoe designs that could satisfy the strict dress code but also provided style and safety for the female students. After the jump, see how you can sport the Desert Boot today. Keep reading »

Dapper Pocket Wallet

This made us think of the “Seinfeld” episode where Kramer decides his wallet is too bulky and ditches it, preferring to carry a wad of cash in his back pocket. “I keep the big bills on the outside,” he tells Jerry. Jerry: “That’s a five.”

Not that we want to totally pare down, but it would be nice for once to have a money carrier that actually fits in a pocket. Our choice: the Dapper Pocket Wallet, which has a pleasantly boyish vibe with Italian leather, wool felt, and a herringbone strap. Unfortunately, being able to fit your wallet into your pocket doesn’t solve the problem of where the other 63 things you carry in your purse should go. [$75, The Curiosity Shoppe] Keep reading »

Giving New Meaning To “Bachelor Pad”

I don’t know why I’m so flabbergasted, and, dare I say, turned off, by these new padded crotch Calvin Klein jeans for men that promise “body-defining fit for an enhanced profile.” After all, we ladies have padded push-up bras, Spanx, and a variety of other undergarments that create the illusion of a body blessed by God and exercised to perfection. So, I guess it’s a little sexist of me to suggest men leave the smoke and mirrors to us … but that’s just the way I feel. I’m not alone here, right? I mean, do you guys agree with me? It’s just … it’s weird to think of a man wearing padded jeans. Like, what is he trying to hide in there, anyway? Or, not hide in there, as the case may be. [via Buzzfeed and The Observer] Keep reading »

eos Lip Balm

This may be just a random egg-shaped eos Lip Balm, but we love it! The best part about loving it is that it makes no sense why you’ll love it so much. Here are the clues to the mystery: It’s 95 percent organic, 100 percent natural, and comes in a rainbow of colors. The real reason though? This lip balm glides on smoothly (the brand name is short for Evolution of Smooth after all), fits into any small compartment, and sits up without ever teetering over. [$4, Drugstore.com] Keep reading »

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