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Woman Pretends To Be A Ghost On Tinder; Tinder Guys Are Not Deterred

New York comedian Grace Spelman is a god damned inspiration. She created a Twitter account specifically to pretend that she was a ghost Tinder-ing from beyond the grave… Keep reading »

Man Pretends To Be Ghost In Cemetery, Gets Fined For Being An Asshole

When a loved one passes away, those mourning can expect to receive flowers, cards, food and other condolences, but there’s one thing that’s not usually customary at the funeral: cemetery hooligans pretending to be ghosts. Such was not the case for grieving visitors at Portsmouth, England’s Kingston Cemetery. Keep reading »

“Everything Wrong With ‘Ghost’ Explained In 11 Minutes”

Sorry, Sam

I don’t think I’ve seen “Ghost” for about 20 years, back when A) my mother had a crush on Patrick Swayze and B) everything in this movie went over my kindergarten-aged head. It’s probably just as well, because as this new video by CinemaSins so helpfully points out, “Ghost” has more than a few bloopers and inconsistencies. And terrible early-’90s special effects. Enjoy! [YouTube]

Ghost Turns Out To Be A Woman Trapped In The Wall

Stuck In Wall
A Portand woman got stuck in a crawl space. Read More »
Ghost Sex!
ghost sex
These ghosts got freaking in a family's living room! Read More »
Snake Fire
A snake on fire set a house on fire. Read More »

In China’s Anhui province, when homeowners heard pounding and cries for help coming from behind their walls, they assumed it was a ghost and just ignored it. (Because, that’s what everyone does when they think there’s a spirit in the house. Oh, that damn ghost is so needy, I’m just gonna let it whine itself back into the afterlife.) It wasn’t until nearly seven hours later, when it occurred to some genius pedestrian passing by that these cries for help might not be coming from a ghost, they might be coming from a human trapped in the crevice between the walls. BINGO.

Rescue crews removed an unnamed woman, not a ghost, who became trapped when she decided to take the narrow passageway as a shortcut on her way home. She was unharmed, just traumatized from the ordeal. Let this be a lesson to us. We’re all eager to get home after a long day, but squeezing into a narrow passageway to make it happen faster is so not worth it. [Huffington Post UK]

Share Your Spookiest Ghost Story!

Ghost Sex
ghost sex
Family says ghosts get freaky in their home. Watch »
Everything you need for a spooktastic Halloween. Read More »

With Halloween around the corner it’s it’s time to get down to business — the scaring business. We want your first-hand encounters with the spooky kind — your ghostliest tales from the great beyond. Need an example? Try Ami’s on for size… Keep reading »

Girl Talk: I Lived In A Haunted House And Survived To Tell About It

Last week, in honor of October, I asked you all to share your ghost stories. Man, some of you had a few doozies! But, having lived in a haunted apartment across the street from a cemetery for two years in college, I have a few spooky tales of my own. After the jump, I’ll you all about mysteriously appearing dimes, ghostly pranks, and the one thing that’s haunted me forever. Keep reading »

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