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Public Service Announcement For Your Privates

An advertisement about the genital mutilating clitorectomy has just won an International Advertising Association Award for Social Responsibility. The print PSA is a photo of a naked women on her back with her legs spread. Covering her private interests is a white circle that reads, “Wet your finger and rub to find out what millions of women feel.” After you stroke the spot, magic ink makes “NOTHING” appear. Even scarier are the statistics — about 4 girls a minute are subjected to female circumcision with an estimated total of 100 million victims worldwide. The ad, funded by The Association of Women Against Genital Mutilation, cleverly gets the clitoris’ point across. Congratulations to the Contrapunto Advertising Agency in Barcelona, Spain, who knows how important it is that we speak up for those that can’t speak up for themselves! [Trend Hunter] Keep reading »

The Daily Squeeze: Circumcision, Crazy Bras, And Producing Heirs

  • The rate of infant male circumcision has decreased significantly since the 1930s and 1940s, at least in the U.K. Some people see circumcision as a form of genital mutilation, and there are even operations that reverse the procedure. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? [The Times, U.K.]
  • Soroptimist, a volunteer organization, held its annual “Bras for a Cause” fund raiser in Glendale, CA, last weekend. Creatively designed bras with names like “Yosemit-D Bra” and “Snorkeling in Bra-zil Bra” were auctioned off, with the proceeds going to breast cancer healing and research. [UPI]
  • Women who are confident, assertive, and influential with a strong sense of self have high levels of testosterone and tend to produce sons, while mothers of girls tend to have lower testosterone and be more nurturing, empathetic, and tolerant, according to a reproductive scientist’s controversial research. This would been a handy piece of information for rulers like Louis XVI and Henry VIII. [The Times, U.K.]
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    The Daily Squeeze: A Giant Rock, Genital Mutilation, And Cheating In Australia

  • A rare colorless diamond — 101.27 carats — will be auctioned off in Hong Kong in late May and is expected to go for at least $6 million. Be sure to alert your boyfriend so that he can bid on what is sure to become your engagement ring. [AHN]
  • The Raelians, a cult-like group, have set up Clitoraid, a non-profit organization that will sponsor clitoral reconstruction surgeries.They’re also in the midst of building a facility where these surgeries will be performed at what Raelians are calling “the pleasure hospital,” though construction has been delayed. Also, some have dressed in costume to support this new venture. [Wired.com]
  • One in three Australians between the ages of 18 and 25 have cheated on a partner at least once. Researchers think this might be because one person loved the other person more, as opposed to both loving each other equally. [AAP]
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