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7 Things Generation X & Generation Y Can Agree On

Is it just us, or does it sometimes feels like the Internet is one giant argument between Gen Yers and Gen Xers? How all this Millennial finger wagging happened is beyond us (thanks, Kevin Bacon), but it would be great if for once, we could all just agree on some stuff, be nice, and share. To settle the score, we have Eve and Leonora Epstein, sisters born 14 years apart, who have written a book about all this pop culture confusion. It’s called X vs. Y: A Culture War, a Love Story, and it comes out next week. After the jump, Leo (Gen Y, and a former Frisky columnist!) and Eve (Gen X) share seven pop culture obsessions the two generations can agree on. Keep reading »

Is Generation Y Really Too Entitled?

As a Gen Xer from a middle class upbringing, I’d like to take this opportunity to apologize to all of the people who employed me before age 23. Confession: I am a reformed entitled worker. Although I’ve always worked, it wasn’t until reality hit me in my 20s that I really grew into my work ethic. When I was 15, I had my first job at dry cleaner’s tagging clothes. It was so hot and boring that I just HAD to quit. At 16, I was a hostess at Chili’s. I was fired by my college dropout, khaki-short-wearing manager after I came back from a weekend getaway to Venice Beach with a shiny, new nose ring. Lets just say that my nose ring was more important than my paycheck. At 17, I started working at Mrs. Field’s Bakery and came under fire for giving away too many free mochas to my friends and inventing a game that I called “baguette baseball.” My 43-year old manger, Eli, did not find it so entertaining. For most of college at NYU, I worked at a popular New York night club, where I got free drinks (even though I was only 19), made out with bad boys, and complained about not being 21. At my first internship at a record label, I was more invested in playing office pranks on my co-workers than learning anything. I sincerely thought my job was to make them laugh. Hey—my boss’ head taped to a beach ball WAS funny. Keep reading »

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