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It’s Time To Move When Mold Mushrooms Sprout In Your Apartment

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"At first I thought my son had peeled an orange..."

Fill in the blank. It’s time to move when __________. Correct! When a moldy mushroom patch sprouts up in your apartment. Natalie Wise of Sacramento made a gnarly discovery while cleaning her apartment. “I looked down to vacuum and I saw this [fungus] … At first, I thought [my son] had peeled an orange, and I got down closer and I realized it was a mushroom.” In the two years that Wise and her son have been living there, her apartment has flooded six times. The management company have ignored Wise’s request for help with the fungus patch in her living room. Yes, it’s definitely time to move. [FOX]

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Dear Nicholas Money, AKA The Fungus Guy Who Was Recently Profiled By NPR,

My parents used to run with a pretty wild crowd of biologists, all of whom were passionate about their subjects, but it seems the botanists were especially zealous. In fact, one of their friends legally changed his last name to Lichen to show his love for the fungus/algae hybrid. So when I saw the article about you, I was instantly intrigued. Mushrooms, mold, and fungus are your life’s work, and you’re surprisingly poetic about it. “Every breath that we take — from first gasp to last breath — we’re inhaling fungal spores.” Dude, that could be an excerpt from our wedding vows. You’ve suffered for science, as evidenced by the case of jock itch you contracted in a grad school lab. Plus, the whole mold thing is kind of dark and sexy, in a way. It’s a little goth. Let’s grab a portobello burger and see where this goes. [NPR]

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