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Heavenly Bodies: Gay Porn Or Mormon Fundraiser?

If you thought “Big Love” and Oprah exposed Mormons, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Feast your eyes on “Men On A Mission.” The calendar features muscle-ripped Mormons who have returned home from their two-year proselytizing missions in various corners of the world. While on the journey, the boys are not allowed to read newspapers, listen to music, surf the Internet, watch the boob tube or movies, get crunk, drink alcohol, tea or coffee, smoke ciggies, or get in any kind of missionary position. Plus, they can only call home twice a year, on Christmas and Mother’s Day. Clearly, this has left them plenty of time to pump iron. For the calendar, the boys were offered the chance to strip down and show us what they’ve been working with, and all the calendar proceeds go to a charity of their choice. But are hot, shirtless pics of hunks really what Joseph Smith had in mind? The creator of the calendar, Chad Hardy, defended his baby to the East Valley Tribune:

“It is so PG-rated, it’s hilarious. The gay community, when they buy this calendar, it will be the tamest calendar they’ll ever own. They’re in pants; they’re not in their underwear or showing any pubic hair. And religious art is filled with bare-chested men You see more flesh in the Book of Mormon than you do in our calendar!”

Well, at least Hardy knows his calendar is raising more than funds. Now, where can I get my dirty little hands on a copy of the Book of Mormon? [WOW] Keep reading »

Tuesday Quickies!

  • Kate Beckinsale hates her butt. Who hates Kate Beckinsale’s self-loathing? We do! [Candy Kirby]
  • John McCain is doing a fundraiser with a guy who compared rape to the weather saying, “As long as it’s inevitable, you might as well lie back and enjoy it.” Ick. [Feministing]
  • Girl-on-girl action: why chicks dig other chicks. Cause boobs are soft and cuddly? [College Candy]
  • Growing up with a feminist dad is awesome. [Daily Bedpost]
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