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Full Bush Is Back In Style (Out Of Sheer Laziness)

Full Bush Is Back In Style (Out Of Pure Laziness)
Your Hair Down There...
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Pubic hair trends change so quickly, our vaginas can barely keep up. It’s like you’ve finally working up the nerve to stop shaving and start waxing her bald and the next thing you know there’s a celeb who goes public about how she prefers feathers and rhinestones down there. All these mixed messages about your pubic hair might leave you naked, in the shower, razor in hand, shouting WHICH ONE IS IT, WORLD? HOW DO YOU WANT MY VAGINA LOOK? Because as you know, your pubic hairdo is all about public opinion, popular trends and what the people who sleep with you think and not about what YOU want. A new poll conducted by an online pharmacy in the UK (so, not a very scientifically reliable one) found that (surprise!) there has been yet another shift in pubic styling.  Au natural, full bush is in, but not for the reasons you might expect. Keep reading »

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