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F**k, Biscuit & The Tourettes Hero (NSFW)

How Your P**sy Works
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The Butter Dance
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This is like my favorite video I’ve seen this week. Jess Thom hasn’t let her Tourettes syndrome stop her from pursuing her dreams — in fact, she’s turned it into art. In an attempt to debunk misconceptions about the disorder, she started keeping a journal of all of her complex tics — her most prominent are the words “f**k” and “biscuit” — and has used them to inspire an art blog, which celebrates the humor and creativity of Tourettes. “By engaging with [Tourettes] creatively,and celebrating the humor … saying, look it’s not OK to laugh because I have Tourettes, but it’s alright to laugh. Fuck, at the funny things, fuck, that I say as tics that are the result of Tourettes … biscuit,” Jess explains. In addition to her her art work, she developed a super hero alter ego, Tourettes Hero, who visits schools to help educate people about the syndrome. Clearly Jess is awesome and listening to her speak is like a crazy, wonderful poem. [The Daily What]

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