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My 8 Favorite Frisky Reader Emails From The Archives

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Frisky Reader Email
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Something most people don’t know about me is that I am anal as hell about my email. My inbox looks like a perfectly organized sock drawer. Everything is matched, color-coded, filed and labeled. If only my sock drawer looked like my inbox, my life would probably be perfect. But my sock drawer is a disaster. Maybe I’m so fastidious about my inbox because I had a boss who would go off on me if I ever lost an email. Out of fear of her wrath, I got into the habit of saving every email.

Over my last four years at TheFrisky, I have acquired 47 unique nesting labels. I know because I just counted. One of them — the most special to me — is “Reader Emails,” color-coded olive green. I say that this file is the most special to me because it reminds me of what’s important about my job: all of you. I’m not just being an earnest cheeseball either. I promise. The internet is interesting in the sense that there is so much anonymous interaction taking place in a public forum that it’s easy to lose touch with the personal aspect of my job. And I think it’s important to be reminded. So, seriously, thank you to anyone who’s ever taken the time to send us an email.  In honor of The Frisky’s 5th birthday, I went back through the “Reader Email” archives and pulled a few of my all-time favorites.  Keep reading »

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