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Controversy Over French Elle’s “Black Style” Article Drags On

After running a wholly inappropriate article on “black style” last month, editors at French Elle removed the piece without comment. They later blandly acknowledged the backlash it received with the excuse that the story was misunderstood. Speaking over the weekend, Elle‘s managing editor Valerie Toranian said it was “full of good intentions” that were just expressed badly, which only ignited a new round of outrage over the story, and how the magazine handled the subsequent backlash. 

A group of 35 famous French citizens sent an open letter to Le Monde dissecting the offending article’s many flaws. The letter’s authors — journalists, TV and film critics, and model Noémie Lenoir among them — also urged Elle‘s editorial staffers to “[venture] out of their office windows in the business district of Levallois-Perret to mingle with the population — allowing them to see what black people [actually] look like, and how they dress in real life.” Read more…

French Elle Writer Has Many, Many Racist Thoughts To Share About Black People And Fashion

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“In this America led for the first time a black president, the chic has become a plausible option for a community so far pegged to its codes [of] streetwear … But if in 2012 the “black-geoisie” has integrated all the white codes, it does not [do so] literally. [There] is always a classic twist, with a bourgeois ethnic reference (a batik-printed turban/robe, a shell necklace, a ‘créole de rappeur’) that recalls the roots.”

– French Elle writer Nathalie Dolivo has fit in oh so much racism into just one tiny snippet of a much larger and equally as offensive article called “Black Fashion Power” (yeah). See, thanks to the Obamas, black people are now starting to dress like white people — but with ethnic flair! Out goes the streetwear! In comes whatever-the-hell-this-chick-thinks-all-fancy-white-people-wear, along with accessories that harken back to, like, Africa, or wherever “they” come from. This new sense of style even gets its own term – black-geoisie! You know, like black plus bourgeois? Sooooo cuh-raaaaazy! Whoever thought we’d see the day?!

All horrified jokes aside, I expect that Dolivo’s pink slip is on its way to her desk as we speak, but French Elle should be held just as accountable for printing this merde. [The Gloss; French Elle]

French Elle Goes Plus-Sized

French women may be known for their ability to guzzle wine and feast on cheese and not gain an ounce, but the reality is they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. (French chicks, they’re just like us!) The editors of French Elle have decided to jump on the normal- and plus-sized models bandwagon and tomorrow will launch “Special Rondes,” starring model Tara Lynn. Another look, after the jump! [Plus Size And/Or Tall] Keep reading »

French Elle De-Glams Scarlett Johansson

French Elle has bitch slapped the fashion and beauty industries with their most recent cover. Again. For the second time this year, their cover shoot was minimally made up and, dare I say it, almost natural looking. We loved when they shot hottie model Eva Herzigova sans makeup a couple months again, putting her in a pared down white blouse and similarly laid back hair.

This time though, we weren’t so thrilled. Yes, we applaud the move away from airbrushed impossibility in the general sense, but Scarlett Johansson’s cover is a tad confusing. She’s minimally made up and there doesn’t seem to be blatant airbrushing, but the clothing is a bit trampy, the hair super boring and the expression utterly vacant. This one’s just not doing it for us. Keep reading »

French Elle’s No-Makeup Issue

Magazine editors seem to have noticed (at last!) that women need to see models and actresses in a truer form, without the work of makeup artists and retouchers to mask their pores, cellulite, and wrinkles. The upcoming issue of French Elle, which hits newsstands this weekend, features Eva Herzigova, Monica Bellucci, Sophie Marceau, Charlotte Rampling, and four other females sans fards, which is a French idiom that literally means “without rouge/makeup,” but implies “openness.”

We’re totally psyched to see beautiful women in a more natural, albeit still extremely flattering light. Photographer Peter Lindbergh snapped the women, so they’re not anything like the horribly unattractive candids our friends take of us around 1 a.m. after we’ve ingested a few cocktails, but they’re the closest a fashion magazine is going to get. Keep reading »

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