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UPDATE: A Hurricane Sandy Update

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Sandy Playlist
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As you might have heard, Hurricane Sandy was absolutely brutal as it plowed through the New York City area. It left hundreds of thousands (maybe millions at this point) of people without power. Amelia is one of those affected. She’s fine, reading by candlelight, I presume, with Lucca at her feet, eating non-perishables. Jessica, Julie, Winona and I will be doing our best to keep things afloat in her absence.

I thought I would be drinking wine and watching Netflix last night, but with everything that was going on, I was way too anxious and shaken up to relax. Below, a round up of some of what went down here. I will keep updating it as much as I can. Please let us know about what’s going on in your neck of the woods in the comments. We hope everyone is safe and sound. Update: After the jump, notes from Mayor Bloomberg’s press conference this morning. Keep reading »

13 Frankenstorm-Appropriate Halloween Costumes

Hurricane Sandy who? Frankenstorm what? Eighty-five MPH winds and flash floods aren’t going to stop Halloween from coming. We just have to adapt. Here are some water-worthy costumes appropriate for what may prove to be the soggiest Halloween ever. Even if you have to wear them in your storm cellar.

Sexy Food Costumes
Food Halloween Costumes
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