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Be My Boyfriend: Guy Who Filled His House With Mammoth Bones

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Dear Guy Who Filled His House With Mammoth Bones,

Two years ago, when you found your first woolly mammoth bone in your Iowa backyard, you reacted like most people would, by saying to your sons, “Boys, that’s a bone. That’s a really big bone.” But it was how you proceeded after that that really caught my attention: you dug up that bone (which turned out to be a femur), then you dug up more bones, and more, and more. You brought in construction equipment and paleontologists to help, and then you put all the bones in your living room. With your backyard bone collection rapidly growing, you told a local news station that you’re considering adding another room to your house to assemble the skeleton. Perhaps you could make room for me too? [NBC Los Angeles]

The World’s Oldest Penis Bone(r) Discovered

We’ve told you about legendary rock star penises and actor penises, but now we’re going to bring you: the world’s oldest prick! (No, it’s not Bob Barker.) The 400 million year old fossil was actually just discovered by the aptly named Australian palaeontologist Dr. Long (you just can’t make this crap up!). Anyhoo, his research team from the Museum Victoria found the prehistoric boner in some fish bones. The Devonian era fossil remarkably had something to hold onto. Published in the Nature journal, it was a breakthrough discovery that linked some “structures in the pelvic fin that suggested copulation” which is awesome because while they had uncovered lady bits, as Dr. Long put it, “we hadn’t found the business end of how they were doing it.” That is until now…
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The Daily Squeeze: Prenatal Vitamins, Prehistoric Sex, And Mating Expectations

  • In a study of 89 men, those who consumed the most folate (found in leafy green vegetables) had the fewest sperm with aneuploidy, an abnormality that may account for miscarriages and a variety of disorders. More research needs to be done, but it sounds like wannabe dads might want to take prenatal vitamins, or at least Centrum. [USAToday.com]
  • Researchers just identified a 570 million-year-old sea creature as the first animal to reproduce sexually on Earth (until they discover something older). The paleontologist who found the animal named it Funisia dorothea after her mother who is named Dorothy. [Times, U.K.]
  • Women who consider themselves attractive have high expectations for their long-term partners, and those who think they’re less desirable have lower expectations. “When reviewing the qualities they desire in romantic partners, women gauge what they can get based on what they got,” said David Buss, the study’s lead author. [NDTV.com]
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